Contemporary kitchen cabinets – practicality and aesthetics

Manufacturers of turnkey furniture solutions for the kitchen, as well as organizations engaged in customization, offer many variants of kitchen fronts. It is clear that from their appearance depends not only furniture, but also almost the entire interior of the room.

Sometimes it is sufficient to replace the doors in order to change or refresh the environment of the kitchen space – only cabinet doors, the front part of the furniture. Placed on the same frame kitchen furniture fronts that are made of different materials, colours and texture solutions can create completely different representation of the room.

The highest demands are placed exactly on the quality of the kitchen fronts, in particular on the cabinet doors and lids of the boxes. To ensure long service life for your kitchen set, it is necessary to pay attention to the following material properties and methods of coating the surface:

  • humidity resistance – kitchen is a room with high humidity and the cabinet fronts often come into contact with water or other liquids;
  • resistance to temperature extremes, that is especially relevant near gas stoves, cooktops and oven;
  • long service life;
  • durable construction;
  • resistance to sagging – because of the frequent opening and closing of cabinets and drawers;
  • easy maintenance to avoid significant physical and time costs.

And the last significant requirement – an attractive appearance, the whole kitchen should look noble, elegant, expensive and creative, anyway it all depends on your taste. Don’t forget that the cost of kitchen ensemble directly and in a greater degree depends on the price of the fronts.

How to choose the material of the fronts coating for kitchen cabinets

Let’s start from the foil coating – there are lots of advantages of this material:

  • easiness of maintenance;
  • humidity resistance;
  • resistance to mechanical damage$
  • great choice of colour and texture solutions – from glossy plain fronts to pearlescent or metallic surfaces;
  • relatively low price.

But this material also has at least one key disadvantage – low heat resistance. So you need to avoid high temperatures and for this reason do not leave the burner plate working near the cabinets and drawers, otherwise foil on them can come off. From the point of view of aesthetics – foil coating can’t yet simulate natural materials with a high degree of reliability.

If we talk about the most practical variant of the front coatings from the point of view of operation and maintenance, the choice of white gloss will give you the least amount of hassle. On a white background the settled dust is almost not visible and there are no evident fingerprints.

Modern kitchen sets with a foil covering, as a rule, are smooth, without fittings and handles. Cabinet doors are equipped with closers what slightly increases the final cost of the order for a furniture ensemble for the kitchen. However, you can count on the convenience and safety of operation, especially in families where there are little children – there exists the constant threat of pinching fingers by the kitchen doors.

For creating of the contrast interior you have to order the dark fronts of kitchen cabinets, hang them on the background of snow-white finishes and provide headsets countertops the similar tone. Strict, dynamic and extraordinary kitchen design is ready!

The other material for contemporary kitchen cabinets that should be paid attention is enamel coating. They are always presented in a wide variety of colours that is important for making the specific design effects, such as mother-of-pearl surface, the so-called “metallic”, the imitation of antiquity using the technique of “crackle” and even plane chameleon.

Fronts with the painted surfaces have a good humidity resistance, they don’t absorb scents and are easy to maintain. But there is the risk of mechanical damage for such material – as a result of drops and cracks of heavy or sharp objects can be formed some chips. In this case there is no probability to restore the damage.

To provide the long life for the front surface of the kitchen cabinets, it should be not just painted, but pre-primed, then covered with a glossy or matte varnish and also sanded. The most important thing here is to make all the procedures properly and in the correct order.

The next material that is used for contemporary kitchen cabinets is plastic coating. It’s also resistant to moisture and sunlight, the occurrence of chipping and abrasion. The coverage care is not difficult, but you should not use abrasive powders.

The colour palette of plastic coatings is incredibly diverse, you can use various decorative effects. The most popular kind is an acrylic plastic, it can be presented in a glossy, almost mirror surface different tones. But on this surface will be visible all the fingerprints, dust deposits and traces of drops even of clean water. However, manufacturers usually offer special polish to avoid such defects.

Criteria that will help to make a choice

Contemporary kitchen cabinets and sets of furniture nowadays are presented in a wide variety. There some helpful advices:

  1. Pay the most attention to the appearance of the furniture – surely you have an idea of how should look your kitchen and how to fit in the tones, textures and design solutions.
  2. Practicality from the point of view of long-term operation is also very significant. Decide how important for you is the maintenance of the kitchen furniture in perfect condition and how much time you are willing to devote it. This will depend on the chosen coating of kitchen furniture.
  3. The cost of manufacturing kitchen furniture to order is rather high all the year. And it can increase because of the deviation from the size range, the presence of curved shapes, semi-circular and undulating fronts, photo printing, additional varnish or aging products with patina.

Before you make a choice you should consult with a specialist and assess the potential costs to avoid surprises.

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