Classic idea: vintage kitchen cabinets

The inspiration for the interior served as vintage kitchen cabinets with its cozy small apartment and retro style. The entire reservoir was conceptualized and redesigned in alliance with contemporary elements. We were designed to combine the “yesterday” and “today”, creating in the kitchen light vintage mood in the spirit of the movie “Julie & Julia.”


Elements of classic vintage metal kitchen cabinets:

  • Bright floor
  • Tile Light
  • Natural finishing materials
  • Pastel colors and smooth transitions
  • Aged effect Furniture
  • Open shelves
  • China
  • High ceilings, lots of natural light

To achieve the effect we used texture tiles, natural wood and high-gloss lacquer. The palette designers combine classic white with lavender, cream and sand tones.

The walls of the working area by the sink were covered with matte oblong tiles, which guessed the motive painted brick wall. In the area of the plate, we painted lavender band, which alternates with the white. From latex paint tile separates the wide wood panel made of cherry.

It is in harmony with the tops and drawers of the same species. Wooden floor made balance in modern furniture mood. In it, we spread a color bleached oak planks, passed only primary treatment. They are specially polished and coated for ease of matte varnish without touching the natural texture and pattern.

Placement and selection of furniture for the renovation

Zone store designers have occupied a total area of small side walls – floor-to-ceiling windows, and that’s the main space, it was decided not to overload. Only the working surfaces and a minimum of furniture. Facade concise kitchen units made in a glossy varnish, equipped with wide handles that can also be used as towel holders.

Wooden worktop rock oak logically continues the narrow hanging shelf, which occupies almost the entire length of the working area. It does not bear much functionality, but thanks to the lighting creates a cozy and homely mood, a sense of “intimacy”. To the right of the kitchen area posted a small glazed bookcase, also made of wood. As with all wooden furniture in this kitchen, it frames the main business sector and gives an atmosphere of softness.

On the side of the refrigerator drawers and hanging cabinets lavender built an entire niche, with the maximum benefit occupying every centimeter. Rather, they are as much as two. Another niche – it is free from the cabinet and at first glance aimless space. However, due to the multi-tiered shelf unpretentious and low mounted table top we have a convenient place to store and kitchen operations.

The transition to a residential area made by a minimalist set of dining table and chairs. The latter made a very interesting: half painted in luscious eggplant color, and the other half – in indigo. Noticeably this is not just because the saturation of colors and close at a certain play of light creates a sense of the gradient.

Placement of home appliances with vintage metal kitchen cabinets for sale

All appliances in the kitchen project are dispersed in the kitchen correctly and according to the technical plan of the apartment. Next to the sink designers decided to put a built-in dishwasher that logically complete the cycle and dishwashing products. On the other end wall of a particular projection has already been laid in the construction and a small pane, left over from the original plan.

Therefore, the best decision was to place in the sector gas hob and hood panel. The oven as desired, but is not the main element of home appliances placed near the refrigerator in a niche between the kitchen cabinets. Practice shows that it is not necessary to put all the equipment “on the floor”. Such spatial variations are very practical and look quite modern. Excessive congestion cookers, dishwashers and other household utensils lead to weighting and the “ground” of the interior.

Sam fridge embedded to the right of it, thus filling the entire space of a small wall. And on the “island” between the storage area and the wall has found its place a small coffee grinder. Trifle, as they say, but nice!


Details always make the interior a meaningful, if not animated. And because the leitmotif and the thematic starting point of our dishes was France, it was necessary to somehow dilute the atmosphere of a typical French kitchen attributes. The choice fell on a lavender color is not accidental. Along with pistachio and sky blue is often used in the design of the so-called «eclectic bistro».

In addition, it suggests the idea of vintage kitchen cabinets for sale  the famous pastry «Laduree». Greens in cups, pots and tubs – one more sign of the typical French apartments. The local ladies are very fond of her grown on balconies and windowsills. The alignment of gizmos on the long shelf is also more like some panels and very harmony and with a stack of books in the corner, and casually left the clock and porcelain creamer top. By the way, welcome to the tile is also borrowed from the cuisine of French.

The picture on the wall in the style of Van Gogh makes the interior very exciting. In general, this feature is inherent in any French interior. And if the imitator is possible to achieve it in the thousands of kilometers from Paris, then repair is really a success. Constructivist lamp in the form of a spray of milk adds a bit of irony and cheerfulness and without major key tonality cuisine. A simple, even a little coarse linen track makes reference to the traditions of some villages in the province of Poitou. So we are sure to cook in this space like the owners!

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