Choosing sinks for kitchen cabinet colors

Welded sinks in kitchen cabinets colors play great role, but the quality and convenience is clearly superior to their companions pressed. The bowl and the base of a shell are made separately and welded to each other. After that, the product carefully sanded and polished. The result is a wash of any depth and shape. It is very important to the quality of welding – for weld poorly done over time creates the risk of leaks. That is why manufacturers should give preference to a good reputation. “Critical” temperature for the metal – 1450 degrees.


Stainless steel in kitchen cabinet paint colors – the material is easily recyclable and melting into new products. If you care about the value of eco-design, it is an additional plus for the benefit of such a shell.

Summary: stainless washer saves time, nerves and forces hostess. For it is easy to look after, and it is very functional.

Disadvantages sinks made of stainless steel

The most significant drawback – noise. However, manufacturers are offering their solution to those annoying noise of running water and crashing dishes – shells of thicker steel bowl which absorber layer made of special materials.

The surface cleaning of stainless steel – texture

Stainless steel sinks in kitchen colors with white cabinets can have a glossy or matte finish. Sometimes the mirror surface design of shells decorates the relief pattern. Washing the surface with a matte surface texture may be different. For example, to simulate the texture of linen and other textured materials. Typically, textured wash other things being equal characteristics is a little expensive.

How to choose a sink in colored kitchen cabinets – 6 Secrets

Note: polished sinks are very effective, but quite picky. They are very visible scratches, and any traces of drops. Solution – to wipe the sink dry after each use. But it is very easy to clean from any deposited plaque. In the case of the matte surface all the way around.

In order to check the quality of the steel from which made washing, you can use a magnet. According to the good stuff magnet will “slide”. If he sharply attracted to the metal surface, then wash will last less. In any case, consult with the seller – if the magnet is attracted only to the bends, it may be due to the production technology.

Choosing a sink in kitchen colors with oak cabinets made of stainless steel, pre-defined order, what parameters you need. How many vials should be? Do you need a corner stainless steel sink? What will be the mixer, where it should be located? Do I have wings? Are you planning to install a water filter, grind waste and soap dispenser?

Check the depth of the bowl. According to experts, the optimal depth – 18 cm or more. If it is less, the water may be splashed, and use the sink is not very convenient.

Which way will be installed stainless sink? Waybill sink reminds the cover and is suitable for all kitchen units, sink flush cuts into the worktop and fitted individually.

If you need high-quality stainless steel sink, try to purchase it from an authorized dealer. Names and contacts of such companies can be found on the websites of manufacturers and their ideas of paint colors for kitchen cabinets. When buying on the market or unspecialized small shop is a risk of running into a fake or low-quality product.

Inconvenient sink can turn the cooking process in real torture. This is no exaggeration. Scientists have calculated that nearly two-thirds of the cases in the kitchen anyway connected with the kitchen sink. How to make so that it served for many years, and was comfortable, stylish and functional?

What is it – ideal for washing dishes: expert advice on choosing the sink, a review of prices and materials manufacturers and photos of popular models of sinks?

What is suitable for cleaning your kitchen?

  • To determine the order which option will be the best choice for your kitchen, make a list of requirements for a perfect wash.
  • Kitchen sink should be fairly spacious. After all, it is usually not just wash plates and cups, and pots, pans, pans and other kitchen utensils.
  • Good washing must withstand high temperatures, occasional shocks and the impact of various household chemicals. However, it is easy to use and saves a great look with a minimum of effort.
  • Eyeing the sink is only after you decide with your kitchen style. Then she harmoniously fit into the interior, and will be combined with kitchen furniture, appliances and accessories.
  • Be sure to take into account your family’s cooking habits – how often do you cook a meal, what products while using and how many dishes have to be washed every day.
  • Decide in advance what kind of faucet you want to choose what items you keep next to the sink; the filter is put to waste water and ground.

The size of the kitchen sink, and the depth of the bowl

The size of washing depends not only on personal preference. If you have a colors for kitchen cabinets, most likely, you have to give up the bulk spacious sink with two or three bowls. The solution in this case can be a corner for the kitchen sink. Most often, it consists of one large or two small rectangular bowls. They may be located on the same line or at an angle to each other. Such washing is not only lets you use an empty “inconvenient” corner, but it looks more visually compact.

Italian style – is peace and tranquility, family ties and steadfast traditions. It gives a wonderful feeling of home and comfort, so the Italian style in the interior of the kitchen looks very organic. Today we’ll show you by what decorating techniques can bring the Italian mood in modern kitchen design.

Traditional Italian style, which is very often found in the villages of Tuscany, involves the use of only natural materials and eco logical. In such an interior kitchen should be a lot of wood, natural stone or simulate quality, dark metal.

Gender is covered with wooden floorboards, decorative stone or tiles. On the walls will look great decorative plaster in combination with a stone or brickwork. If ceiling height allows, you can decorate the wooden panels or decorative beams. All this brings to the kitchen design that special charm that is strongly associated with Italian style in the interior. Italian style Рa game of contrasts of colors and textures. Rough kitchen paint colors with white cabinets  walls underline the elegance of the beautiful patterns of tiles for the kitchen and the smoothness of natural stone countertops.

Choosing a color for finishing dishes, prefer rich, natural colors. Deep blue Italian sky and the sea and the lush greenery of the Tuscan hills. Lavender shade of blooming meadows and bright splashes of wildflowers. The heat of the interior in the Italian style gives the saturated red, orange and yellow colors. Dark wood is reminiscent of old olive trees, oak trees and grapevines, and blood-red and burgundy – famous Italian wines.

Italian cuisine – it is a massive wooden furniture, endearing its thoroughness, marble countertops and intricate ironwork. For the Italian style is important to the feeling that kitchen paint colors with oak cabinets in your family passed down from generation to generation. Massive dining table – the heart of Italian cuisine, and wooden chairs and long benches are best suited for family gatherings and friendly get-togethers in Italian. This Italian furniture for the kitchen often decorated with decorative carvings depicting olive trees, wheat or animals. For storage of kitchen utensils very good roomy cupboard. Italian furniture is complementary kitchen appliances “metallic” color. A real kitchen in the Italian style is hard to imagine without a fireplace, even electric, but with a natural stone finish.

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