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Mood kitchen interior is mainly achieved by painting the kitchen walls, floors and facades. It is also important details, accents and corrective effect of the main colors. Colorful cuisine – is not only aesthetic, but also the psychological function directly affects the mood and feeling.

There, where the sun is a special guest, very refreshing and harmoniously will look cool spectrum of blue, purple, blue and green tones. For young, active, dynamic people, a minimum of time is devoted to the plate, as a rule, characterized by bright, modern interiors, contrasting color combinations, glossy fronts and antique kitchen hutch. This adds to their inner spirit, gives vitality, invigorates, and it does not get bored.

According to psychologists, the color is able to initiate or reduce appetite. What color to choose for the kitchen to reduce the craving for the content of the refrigerator? The combination of gray and pink perfectly cope with the task. Note! It will be useful to know that the cool shades reduce appetite and warm – increase.

Other color

It is clear that every color and shade carries a different meaning. Everything depends on the needs and desires of the consumer, his rhythm of life, social status. Any designer knows how to choose the colors for the kitchen. But if the person is not, then do not worry. Our color guide will help anyone determine the desired solution in the interior. The color of love, life, fire, the interior is usually dominated by people with strong energy and a vivid imagination. It activates, fills them with vitality, encourages for new challenges. To avoid overstimulation, use red and black (example pictured below), it is very modern and effective combination. If it seems too rich red irritable, you should look at its shades: pink, burgundy and coral.

With these colors the designers work hard enough, but when used properly, is a real find! The classic combination of black and white never goes out of fashion. In this case, the question is how to choose the color of the floor in the kitchen, walls and facades. For a well-lit, spacious kitchen is the perfect light wall decoration, black or black checkerboard floor and the glossy facades, it will look more than elegant and solid. Lack of only one: the high price of the interior, because all the accents and accessories, in addition to the primary headset, should ideally correspond to the specified style. When using white should pay attention to the fact that this tone is the perfect backdrop for bright decor and excellent dissolves contrasting colors. Totally white kitchen is not worth doing, it is not practical, tiring for the eyes and complexly.

Designers meaning

It is clear that your service any color of the spectrum. About how to choose the right color of the kitchen, we have told you. More choice for your feelings, preferences and taste. In any case, update the environment is enjoyable, but if not like, any time you can repaint.

Blue – the color of water waste, loyalty and constancy. In the interior it brings order and organization, and peace of mind. However, if the kitchen is located on the north side, is too rich and deep shades of blue can inhibit, induce a feeling of anxiety and sadness. Being in the interior blue reduces appetite, pressure can lower the temperature and slow pulse. Hue Indigo will choice of intellectuals and creative individuals, but most advantageous it will look as bright refined accent. Blue – the color of the blue, like the blue evokes a feeling of peace and quiet. Psychologists this color is widely used in therapeutic practice. It is important to know before you pick up the color of the walls in the kitchen, so there is always prevailed a sense of trust and security. In addition, the finish in light blue tones visually enhances the space and fills the room with freshness. The best solution in this case – of pastel and bright shades visually enlarge the boundaries of the premises. color selection for large kitchen, on the other hand, provides a warm dark range, which in this case would create an atmosphere of everybody’s comfort. For a small kitchen should not use dark colors and bright colors that contribute to rapid fatigue.

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