Brainy tips for increasing the counter space of your kitchen

It does not matter if you live in a small house or in a mansion, there is a great likelihood that your kitchen counter space is bursting with appliances and different small things you need for cooking meals. It seems that these things will throng each corner of your kitchen until you feel exasperated because of lack of kitchen workspace.

It is possible to solve this problem by means of maximizing of kitchen counter space, using the following brainy stunts, which allow deriving maximum advantage of any kitchen counter space.

Put it away

Probably the easiest and most efficient means to enlarge the counter space is arranging the floor amount of things on your kitchen tabletop. It means removing all excess things to the cabinets and shelves and leaving on the table board only needful equipment for cooking meals.


Be certain that there are no loose things on the table board. The best way is keeping such things like tea bags, sugar or spices in different containers and jars so that you can be sure whatever odds are placed at fully restricted area, leaving no chance for them to be scattered from cellar to garret.


You should always make the most of available shelving space. Do not falter to enlarge the shelving space by installing new layers to existing shelves or installing completely new shelves on vacant walls.

The hinder parts of cabinets can also become more useful if you put layers in back to avoid dead space. One more peculiarity of shelves is that they can be selected in accordance with your kitchen style and decor.


There is one addition benefit you can get from trays that shelves are not able to provide – it’s their mobility. So if you need a tray to change its location, due to this advantage, you can remove it easily to a new place with all items remaining organized on it.

Wall devices

In most cases such an essential equipment like microwave takes up a significant part of counter space. Nevertheless, for reasonably priced bit of carpentry, you will be able to fasten your appliances to the wall.

A good option might be making a hollow in the wall space for placing the microwave. For such large appliance like a fridge, which can not be fully set back into the wall, another brainy option can be building a back space which allows pushing a fridge back several inches. You will be able to save plenty of usable space by making even small amount of indentations.

Dish Drying Racks

Some of kitchen chores requires more space around the sink area than washing the dishes. In this case, the racks for drying and arranging dishes and towel hangers will prevent you from the mess on your counter top when doing the dishes. Using the racks also provides dishes and towels with a sanitarian area where they get dry without contacting other things, preventing from bacterial growth that may occur in damp areas.

Helpful sink space

The sink area is usually used when washing the dishes, otherwise it’s just a wasted space. This can be rectified if you cover the sink area when not in use with some kind of plane item. One of such convenient things can be a carving board, which enables you to carve food without using the counter top at all.

Rescuing hooks

Comparing with shelves, hooks are not so efficient, but can also be helpful in increasing the counter space. Hooks can be mounted in places where shelves are difficult to hang and that gives them a significant advantage. Installed under the shelving and cabinets, above the table and even in the ceiling, hooks are perfect for hanging the large things to help you keep the kitchen counter space in order.

Wheeled carts

Small wheeled carts, which are used in the restaurants, are so popular not by chance, after all they can become a valuable assistant in the kitchen. They help not only to carry food, but constantly store things that are not frequently used. Furthermore, you can use the top of a cart as an additional counter space for your kitchen chores.

Choose a table wisely

When planning to buy a kitchen table, it is better to pick the one with adjustable size. It can be easily assembled table with a hidden section when not in use, or a table that moves apart by inserts, embedding when it is necessary or removing when it is not.

As the table occupies a large part of kitchen, the ability to shrink is a great advantage of the folding tables for saving the kitchen space.

Good organization is an answer

Whatever size your kitchen counter is, it is not a problem to get more space of it by improving the kitchen organization. No matter how many tricks like mentioned above are used, they will never be able to replace your own creative approach.

After the mentioned ideas have been applied, inspect your kitchen carefully to think of some other tricks that can save its space. You will be impressed by results when you organize the kitchen with fresh mind.

In conclusion

Despite of your kitchen scheme, counter space is an essential part of any functional kitchen. If it seems to be unfeasible now to increase your counter area, do not hesitate to experiment with varied combinations of space saving methods to maximize cumulative counter area and total kitchen efficiency.

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