Blue Kitchen Cabinets – Traditional Kitchen Design

What do you feel when you think about the blue color, what are the traditional associations? The first one is the space – the high sky without a cloud or the deep sea, the freshness of the water in the swimming pool on hot days. And there are so many shades of it – from light and pale to gentian or navy.

The blue is refreshing and can be recommended especially in countries with a hot climate. It will perfectly fit the sophisticated houses of classic style as the modern fashionable ones. It can be country style or even baroque, but it remains universal.

What impression does the kitchen with blue cabinets create? Some say this color affects the body as follows – the appetite is reducing, you feel the relaxation (lowering of the body temperature, slowing the pulse rate). Maybe it’s just the perfect place after the long and tiring day.

There are more other associations, but they all somehow relate to the nature and the God that made it. On mind come the simple things – peace, safety, cleanliness, calm, greatness, stability. So if want to fell something like that in your own kitchen, that’s the best design decision.

Let’s talk about the trends and the shades that are popular. You should know this is a timeless colour, some of the tones are topical now, but next season there will be other ones – so don’t worry about getting into the trend. This can be compared with pair of blue jeans – they are classical and won’t be out of favor.

Look at the blue kitchen cabinets examples – there can be pale blue that is the central part of the whole design, but the contrasting accents will make it more bright and eye-catching. The other variant – blue color emphasizes the leading color, good combination can make the whole picture perfect.


The importance of keeping blue kitchen cabinets in cleanliness is obvious. When you look at the light blue ones there should be the impression of the clear sky or the crystal sea. Dust stands out more on the dark surfaces – navy or midnight shades – so the cleaning should be more frequent and careful.

The combinations with the blue color can be very diverse – the space can be transformed visually or made more strict and classical. There are so many shades of blue, so everyone can choose the right ones for himself – cobalt and berry, denim and peacock, slate and stone, sky and ocean. So only you need is imagination to make the kitchen individual.

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