Black Kitchen Cabinets, Modern Kitchen Design

Black is a classic color, for furniture this means the status and refinement. It can be found in the richest and most representative houses that shows the high level of interior design. Think about like an excellent black suit, it makes the proper impression and make the special atmosphere in the room.

If you have the desire to make the kitchen catchy and unique note look at the current selection of black kitchen cabinets in the gallery. Monochromatic colors will emphasize the design solution; this style will never be dated.

It will be better if your kitchen will have high gloss fronts. First, the black glossy looks much richer and more interesting than matt. Secondly, the reflections of the glossy facades give the space special depth and volume. In the case of black kitchens this thing has a particular importance.

The popular variant for modern kitchens is a glossy finish, especially metallic effect. Some of them are actively used in black painted tempered glass, most often with aluminum profile. There is no need to buy dark black kitchen appliances, metallic and chrome details look very organically.

Pay extra attention to this furniture, it can be compared with a beautiful ebony grand piano – the main requirement is cleanliness. On the dark surfaces dust is especially noticeable, so the dusting should be made more often.

Black gloss looks great in combination with an imitation of animal skins and precious wood species. Black kitchen furniture means almost straight lines, laconic forms, accents of glass and chrome-plated steel, top made of artificial stone or stainless steel. Black kitchen cabinets are perfectly complemented with the countertops made of marble and artificial stone – with black or white specks and streaks.

If you’ve decided to decorate the kitchen with black furniture, the right lighting is critically important and it is not an exaggeration. The lights in the right places and point lights will bring more life to the kitchen. It will be warmer and cozier. Also good lighting helps visually to improve the geometry of space more successful. But black kitchen cabinets will always look bad on a small kitchen and make it even smaller.

But that is also should be noted – the excess of black in the interior can increase depression and bad mood, especially in the offseason or in winter, the whole impression is very important.

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