Black and White Kitchen – a variant for not dull people

There is a plenty of publications “how to plan a design project of the kitchen space”  and a good half of them is devoted to the interior in light, pastel colours. But let’s be honest – not all home-owners are thrilled with the snow-white kitchen, where the only colour spot is the tile of the kitchen or bright chairs. Many people want to get a dynamic and even a bit dramatic kitchen interior and it is desirable without the help of a designer, on its own. I hope that an impressive collection of ideas of  black and white kitchens in various sizes and configurations, will help to inspire anyone, planning a renovation and those who have decided to let black colour be a “king” in their own kitchen. For example, a ready-made design projects of kitchen spaces: they will help you in the topic “how you can use dark shades  for  the decoration of the room”, as the basis for the manufacture of furniture, the use of black colour in the accessories, appliances and decor.

Certainly, the use of dark and even black tones in the interior of the rooms requires a lot of effort, skills and knowledge, rather than using the light palette, which is “forgiving”.

First of all, dark colour requires a larger size from your premises, but does not impose absolute taboo for kitchen of modest size. Even a very small kitchen can afford the black colour and how it can be harmoniously integrated in a small frame of black and white kitchen.

The black colour in the decoration of the black and white kitchen

Speaking about the use of black colour and its shades as the basis for decorating in the kitchen, we don’t mean total dark background on all surfaces of the room. Using black colour only for finish flooring or kitchen walls as an accent, contrasting surfaces gives an incredible effect to the whole  situation in kitchen space from the point of view of visual perception.

Black Matt porcelain tiles for tiling floors – a practical and interesting use of colour, which became one of the key factors in the selection of the concept for the black and white modern kitchen interior. Wooden floors black colour for the kitchen? Yes, it is real and really looks cool in a large room with bright walls and white ceiling. The design of the vertical surfaces with dark colours created a pleasing to the eye the contrast in this spacious kitchen with sloping ceiling. A combined lighting system, which is presented at several levels and an abundance of natural light, allows to using black tones for furniture, decor and textiles of the kitchen space.

The black wall is the perfect background for kitchen furniture, dairy shades and stylized fireplace space above the stove. The ceiling, walls and kitchen set in black for asymmetric cuisine? It is not only possible to implement, but the result is just gorgeous. If not for light flooring, such a kitchen could be called totally black. But in this case it would have remained a luxury with the using of multi-level lighting system, which is vital in such a dark interior. The design of the kitchen with using of black tiles can become a highlight on the background of wooden tones of the black and white kitchen cabinets. With built-in lighting system, tile shines and stands before us is not in deep black, but in its “light” shade.

Apron painted in black

This kitchen apron, which is painted in black by water-resistant paint. On such a surface we can write something with chalk recipes, leave message to household or make any other marks – the surface is easy to clean with a damp sponge.

The black furniture – the luxury choice

Dark shades as the colour scheme for kitchen furniture – is not rare case as among the designers and so as among the customers of the interiors. Black kitchen cabinets look luxurious, make a touch of drama in the interior space, a certain decadence. But, when you decide to order furniture for kitchen sets in black colour scheme, it is important to understand  you will need much more  time and effort to care about these surfaces in comparing with their bright counterparts. Dark colours are not forgiving stains from water, fingerprints and other contaminants, which are usually in a great amount in our kitchens. But modern materials for laminating wood and MDF allow the use of wet cleaning without any consequences for the material. So that it will be super easy and your black and white kitchen will pleasant you during long time!

Modern Kitchen Cabinets — how to turn fairytale to reality?

The real center of each house, a heart of home, the place, where we talk, eat, gossip and live a half of our life — it’s a kitchen. We know that this phrase is old and like a cliche, but this is a real truth for each nationality, family and friends.

For the most of housewives modern design sounds like something strange, but in this article we want to show you, that modern design can be classic, can mix some new things, technology and the comfortable ideas. In general of course this design is less classic and more contemporary, but we offer you to look through and to favor these ideas for your own kitchen.

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