Best flooring for kitchen: beauty or practicality

When there is the question of the choice of flooring in the kitchen the behind the often neglecting the convenience and versatility they pay all attention to the beauty and aesthetics, making a major error. Simplicity of cleaning and maximum resistance to various types of damage is the first thing to rely when choosing flooring for the kitchen.

Floor made of the wood can be called the most popular in Europe. Mostly it is used for luxury designer kitchens. Its features and unique properties can be enumerated endlessly but some of them should be paid by special attention. For example, the important fact is that this material is a fully environmental. In addition the wooden floor is the perfect accompaniment to almost any material of the furniture. Wooden floor has two main blemishes: it is its price and whimsicality of special care.

Further let’s talk about the laminate. The main value of the laminate is its affordable price. This coating can simulate any wood even the most exotic, expensive varieties of it and also it serves much longer wood needing less maintenance. Choosing laminate for the kitchen you should pay attention to the fact that it is much easier to wash it and it allows you to install under floor heating. Its poor waterproofing has always been the main problem that is encountered when working with laminate.

Tile floor designs for kitchens are kept steadily in the top of coatings for bathrooms and kitchens because of their versatility and ease of maintenance. Ceramics can imitate any texture, from the fabric to the stone, and a special matt tile is protected from scratches and bumps. Its “coldness” is the only but significant disadvantage of the tiles. Under-floor heating is the most important condition in this case.

It is hard to imagine that modern technology can create something as perfect as granite. This material absorbs a minimal amount of moisture, has a very high protection from bumps and scratches, and its visual characteristics coincide with the usual ceramic tile. But it is much more expensive than tiles. Although the cost of this material pays off pretty quickly.

Cork flooring is an interesting solution for the kitchen coating and it is ideal for people who care about their health. Cork floor is environmental friendly for all hundred percent and in addition it reduces the load on the spine due to its elasticity. Also floor of balsa wood solve the problem of many allergy sufferers due to its antistatic properties.

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