Benefits to know how to clean kitchen cabinets

Possibility of classic kitchen triangle “refrigerator-sink-stove”, especially when there is space for the work area element between them.

Branch of the dining area by working with an L-shaped layout.


A considerable length of the working surface, the location of the maximum number of cabinets near the walls and the possibility of establishing a practical high kitchen cabinet (which is usually built-in appliances) with a U-shaped layout.

Varied use of the corner region. Great setting in a corner sink.

  • Despite the large capacity of the trough it is quite difficult to use because of the inconvenience of access to objects that are in depth. There are several design solutions that solve this problem:
  • Angle box. With it easy to organize the angular space. However, a significant part of the volume remains unused.
  • Swim shelves. The presence of various forms (semicircles drops as peanuts). They are used for both direct and chamfered corners.
  • The first part of the design leaves out, and the second – to get to her place with the help of spec. mechanism. Designed for right angles.
  • This unusual solution is best suited for square pedestals.


Separation of the room space and area for dining. If there is insufficient space for a dining area (too narrow room) table is inserted into the table top.

The convenient location of the stove, refrigerator and sink in between. Between the sink and stove have a long countertop under the work area?

Easy to assemble due to the absence of the corner region.

Furniture with their hands

For the most part this kitchen is the possibility of realization of any ideas, well thought out and comfortable layout of the space. The downside is the long-term production of items of furniture and the cost is quite high. For details on installing kitchen furniture with his own hands, see the link.

Ready-made furniture for cleaning kitchen cabinets

The advantage is the minimum time and cost of purchase and installation. Disadvantages include the complexity of placing liked the set in a small room.

Knowing the kinds of kitchen units, advantages and disadvantages, you will choose the right practical and functional headset for your kitchen. Your kitchen will be cozy and comfortable space for cooking and relaxing.

Set – an essential attribute of the kitchen carrying a high functional and aesthetic load. Shops offer a wide range of standard furniture. But to find one that is a hair’s breadth will fit into your kitchen, it is difficult.

Who is not satisfied with the quality of the proposed furniture, others – its cost, while others just love to work independently? Make, build and install a kitchen set with their own hands can be, even without a lot of experience.

The standard design of the bottom row of the headset – is a box, which is installed on top of the table top, is located inside the drawers. Upper cabinets containing shelves inside. They are not available countertop, since the surface is not working. The doors and front drawers act as facades. Cabinet dimensions calculated from the kitchen area and the number of elements of the headset.

Materials and cutting for the manufacture of kitchen units can be ordered in the company or buy on their own in a store and cut it with his own hands. You will need:

  • DSP – for the manufacture of boxes, drawers and shelves;
  • Plywood – Headset design of the rear wall;
  • MDF – thick and durable material for countertops bottom row of cabinets.

Fewer headsets are made of solid wood or laminated veneer lumber. Facades best clean kitchen cabinets order ready as they should have a high aesthetic. Mounts, pens and other items also available separately. If the materials and supplies are ready, that you can start making furniture. Best way to clean kitchen cabinets to use special disodium.

The procedure is simple:

  • Assembling boxes;
  • The construction of the box;
  • Fitting a worktop and sink cutout marking;
  • Installation of the rear wall of plywood;
  • Installation of boxes, shelves;
  • Fixing the facades;
  • For the bottom row of the final step – installing countertops;
  • If there is an apron – his mount after the set it will be put to a permanent place.


For the installation of kitchen units, prepare tools:

  • Screwdrivers;
  • Drill;
  • Elektra for the product cutouts communication;
  • A hammer;
  • Building level.

If the floor is uneven, the installation of the headset starts with the most elevated point. In other cases, begin the installation of the corner where the sink is usually located and it wills not difficult how to clean wood kitchen cabinets. The bottom row is mounted to each other, checked regularly rank. For upper cabinets:

  • Secure with screws evenly horizontally hinged bus;
  • Make a hole in the walls of the boxes for their attachment to the plate;
  • With the help of the adjustment screws secure lockers.
  • Using kitchen cabinet cleaner
  • Be sure to check the horizontal. Deviation even 1 mm may cause a troublesome task. Water can flow to the apron, causing mold to form. DSP does not tolerate excess moisture.

How to clean grease off kitchen cabinets: Backlight kitchen units

Chandelier, placed in the center of the kitchen, does not provide sufficient lighting in the work area. Therefore, additional lighting is required, which can be done by hand. You will need:

  • LED strip or module;
  • Power Supply;
  • The connecting wires;
  • The cord and plug to connect the lighting in the socket.

First, determine the size of the kitchen unit: LED strip is divided into these segments. The lower part of the upper cabinets and strip the solvent to degrease. Along the perimeter of the tape or glue strengthen modules. Using wires and the cord to connect the power supply system in the electric circuit.

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