Apron artificial – very beautiful design for hickory kitchen cabinets

In addition to the above listed, you can make the surface of any invoice. For example, of plaster or wallpaper decorated etc. It is important to remember in this case, about the practical function and think about protection against moisture, dirt and extreme temperatures.


Kitchen apron made of glass in hickory kitchen cabinets.

Glass is an excellent replacement of tiles and other materials commonly used for registration of the working surface of the wall portion of the kitchen or apron.

The designers offer a variety of solutions for the glass panels.

Consider the basic options:

  1. Colorless glass without a pattern. There are two kinds frosted and transparent. Clear glass is mainly used to protect painted or wallpapered walls or paper from moisture, grease, soot. With a decor point of view, it is convenient because it does not glare, transparent, is not evident.

More interesting is a matte version hickory kitchen cabinets, which gives fewer glares. The surface can be smooth and textured. For application to glass pattern, line, pattern use sandblasting or silk.

  1. Another variation is printing on glass. The most popular type of panel today. They are called overthrown. The advantage of this technique the beauty and durability. Figure UV ink is applied to the reverse side of the glass. It does not fade, she is not afraid of moisture. It looks spectacular surround image with 3D effect. However, this method is more expensive than colorless or tinted glass.
  2. Beautiful and at the same time unobtrusively will look monochromatic painted colored glass apron. The inner surface of the glass is painted with special paint and then heat treated plate. This type of durable, diverse palette of colors.
  3. Design panel with a decorative pattern on the vinyl film. This method is not as expensive as the printing. Film thickness on the inside of the glass, which protects the image from dirt, moisture and high temperatures. But then can be deformed.
  4. Triplex or laminated glass of varying thickness. Between the two layers of glass is sealed image. The advantage of this method is to protect the reliability of the figure: if the impact on the glass, it will not break, and go cracks. Disadvantages include a greater thickness than other aprons and expensive.
  5. Very stylish option is mirrored apron. It creates an even greater expansion of space, custom visual effect. Excellent will look mirror tiles with sandblasted matte finish and partial.

Designers are advised glass panel for the decoration of the small kitchens or kitchenettes in the Khrushchev. The reflective effect leads to visual expansion space. If the glass is glossy, in addition to this there is a light reflection and the room is brighter.

Vista will give space placed under the glass picture of the city or the nature of the image. This visually pushes the boundaries, will provide depth. What is very important for a small-sized kitchen?

Pros and cons for the apron of glass dishes.

Consider the basic pros and cons of glass apron for the kitchen.

So, the pros:

  • Relatively low cost.
  • Easy to install panels. Surface fastens quickly, easily and without dirt.
  • A wide choice of options, the embodiment of any design ideas and fantasies. Color image, you can choose yourself.
  • Originality and individuality working wall and accordingly the entire kitchen.

Fast execution of your order. This pattern coating technology will not take much time.

An added bonus would blend with other home furnishings. You can order a panel in one color with textiles.

  • Durability.
  • Updating a kitchen by changing the apron.
  • Easy washing, removal of grease and dirt.
  • A visual extension of the space by reflecting the effect, which is very important for a small kitchen.

Eco-friendly material for denver hickory kitchen cabinets

Glass panel Cons:

  • It should be attentive to the request. Each of them is unique, so it is extremely important not to be mistaken with the size. Subsequently, if the error in measurements, it will be impossible to correct the order. You will need to make a new one. And will have to pay twice.
  • The glass panel is quite difficult to cut out holes for outlets. Price panel will also depend on this factor.
  • Get the object that had fallen between the kitchen and the wall panel is difficult. To do this, it will be removed. Therefore, the holes should be as small as possible.
  • Pay attention to the installation. When installing the wrong inner side condensate will accumulate.
  • If the working area of the kitchen is very long, the apron will consist of several parts. Will joints.
  • The wall on which the panel is installed, should be as smooth, otherwise the glass may crack.

The denver hickory kitchen cabinets are often attributed that glass clearly visible fingerprints, grease, dirt. Hygiene in the kitchen is very important. And if the contamination is not visible does not mean that it is not. Wash the surface in any case necessary. The only prohibition – on cleaning powders, they will scratch the panel. Use a cloth and any agent for glass surfaces, then apron will last you a very long time.

Refrigerator, certainly one of the most necessary household electrical appliances for many reasons:

  • preserves food for a long time, not allowing the bacteria to grow, thereby preserving their taste and external quality at a height;
  • It allows you to save money on the purchase of new food products. once a week in the hypermarket at wholesale prices, you cannot worry for 7 days that you will need to again run for buying, spending extra money;
  • The ability to freeze the food for the winter. In some cases, this is a great alternative solution replaces time-consuming process of conservation products;
  • Long and hot summer in some areas of the country in the summer makes it indispensable in the refrigerator cooling drinks, thirst-quenching.

How to choose the right refrigerator?

As everyone knows by the law of the market – demand creates supply and demand for refrigerators does not lose relevance even in the most straitened circumstances. During the summer season, the demand for refrigerators is in second place after the popular models of mobile phones.

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