Antique white kitchen cabinets – back to the past in modern kitchen

The relevance of interior design in the style of past centuries is growing every day; people become more interested in the designs of “antique time”. Today in approximately every home the interiors of English (London) style can be found, the style of Louis and even  the style of ancient Egypt are also on the top of popularity. Equally, popular today is antique style, the style for the refined natures, who love the perfect forms and is aspiring by a harmony in everything.

Any room, decorated in this style, becomes in the atmosphere of Ancient Greece and Rome, totally filled with sublimity and elegance, antique white kitchen cabinets are not the exception.

Kitchen furniture in antique style has a number of features.

– First, it has a rather impressive size, and therefore requires the relevant areas.

– Secondly, as the decorative elements are columns, which are also subject to high ceilings. Therefore, equipping a kitchen in an antique style, consider these specific moments.          Choosing the colour of kitchen furniture in an antique style, remember that it should not contrast with the colour of the walls of the room. It is desirable to give preference to bright colours; this is due to a peculiarity of colour in antique style. Use for interior kitchen beige, cream, white, powdery pink shades.  Antique white kitchen cabinets look the most luxury. The ideal option would be a combination of white and golden colours or contrasting black and white. You can also combine all three colours that will surely give the room the luxury and pomposity.

Enhance the effect of antiquity can decorating furniture facades bas-relief or ornamentation peculiar to the times of ancient Greece. For counter tops for working surfaces it is advisable to use marble, this material is associated with the architecture of ancient times. In the manufacture of furniture for kitchen in antique style, it is recommended to use various decorative elements as columns, moldings and finishing of decorative stone.

Choosing a kitchen table in the antique style, give preference to models with curved legs, is one of the distinguishing features of this style, or in the form of lion paws. Countertop can be made from both wood and glass. The second option will make the kitchen interior more grace and ease. To emphasize the interior belonging to ancient times, use chairs without backs, these are the models used in their houses the ancient Greeks and Romans.

Also, pay special attention to the sink. You should not purchase a modern ceramic bathroom sink in the kitchen, in the antique style it will look out of place. Stop your choice on the shell of gold or silver colours, made of metal. Also, good option would be a sink made of marble or artificial stone imitating marble surface.

Walls should be painted with decorative plaster, it is recommended to give preference to the more calm and warm tones that will saturate the atmosphere of antiquity. Additionally, walls can be upgraded with a fresco or wall painting corresponding to this style. Flooring to antique style can be a natural stone or parquet, on top of which it is customary to lay a luxurious carpet. Ceilings should be made to create either a caisson or a more budget option – suspended. The contour of the ceiling, it is recommended to create a cornice, decorated with ornaments.

To create the antique style it is recommended to use furniture with gilded armrests and from the whole circuit. It is also necessary to use wooden furniture decorated with carvings.

The kitchens in antique style are well combined with fireplaces. If it is not possible to lay out the room in this oven, at least, get an electric fireplace that perfectly mimics the flames and it will bring you a feeling that you are in some ancient fortress.

Decorating the interior of your kitchen in an antique style, you will become the owner of a nice space to relax and for your guests. Daily arriving to the antique white kitchen design, you will surely get only positive emotions and will feel a part of the Greco-Roman civilization. Ancient white kitchen design is a great chance for every master to feel like Caesar or Caligula in his own house. And for each housewife to feel like Dementia or other god-diva.

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