Antique brass kitchen faucet: how to use?

Antique brass kitchen faucets in the interiors are popular in today’s fashion, as before. Designers it is actively used in the creation of interiors of residential and public buildings. When creating an original interior of the kitchen can give free rein to his own imagination. It is in this room you spend the most of their free time.

An experienced interior designer will help you to dress in a kitchen interior in different directions of fashion, make it bright, showy, provocative, or, conversely, gentle, graceful, soothing. Experts recommend that when creating a kitchen design from wood, to give preference to less catchy lines: romantic country; clear and strict minimalism; quite soft and moderately contrasting; eco-style, the most easy and extremely comfortable.

Let us consider what principles kitchen interior design should guide the implementation of its country style. These qualities are: convenience and comfort; simplicity and elegance of form; naturalness, and naturalness.

Count directions

For this direction will approach cabinet wooden kitchen furniture with silky – matt surface, on which the structure of the natural wood is visible well. For a country characterized by the use of furniture is made of cherry, oak and beech, and light pine. Furniture made of light pine, will give the kitchen a cheerful mood, especially when painting it in white, green or blue color with special colors that accentuate the wood structure. This coloration, you can make your own, pick up the necessary colors. Council, if you want to save the visible structure of wood after painting it with special paints, it is important to remember that each color has its own characteristics, sometimes a special pre-impregnation of wood required to produce effective results. The regulations annexed to each package of paint will help you organize the process properly. Only strict adherence to the painting technology will lead to a positive result.

The main feature that distinguishes the style is its color. Kitchen style is always sustained in warm pastel colors. The advantage is given to the color shades of yellow and red, but as an option allowed in the finish and pale green or blue tones. This style of decoration – it is: a floor made of stone; rough plastered or wooden walls; bleached ceilings with massive wooden beams. But this option is more suitable when we create a kitchen design in the countryside, rather than in a city apartment. It is difficult to make all the intricacies of an ideal city in modern conditions. But most importantly, we must try to keep the style in the interpretation of the basic spirit, making emphasis on the use of specific details. The floor is covered with wooden planks, it can be coated with modern wood of different breeds. Not recommended for linoleum or laminate flooring in this kitchen design. Walls can be finished with natural lining or decorative plaster. Suitable also ceramic tiles. The ceiling is painted in white color and mount it on the ceiling beams.

Main priority

As you can see, the tree in such interiors is a priority. Especially noble will look flooring of oak parquet or modern wood flooring made from natural Canadian maple or American cherry. These floors are covered with matte varnish, wax or oil favorably emphasize natural wood. Color solution also needs to be close to nature and consist of shades of green foliage, warm sea, natural stone, blue sky and sunlight. Furniture for Eco – style chosen a simple and functional enough. There should not be present frilly details and elements. It is suited to this style of simple wooden table and chairs, and kitchen racks of wood, even made their own hands.

Remember that from natural wood, be it furniture or decorative elements, produce heat, which can turn your kitchen into a cozy and comfortable center of hearth and home. As presented in this article you will find additional information on this topic.

As the ceiling beams can be used not only to real wood. Beautifully will look on the ceiling decorative wood beams made of polyurethane. They are light in weight, their installation is not complicated. Moreover, the price of the wooden beams is considerably lower.

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