All about the kitchen island ideas

Kitchen island is the kind of kitchen`s plan when the additional work area is located in the center of the room. In practice “island” is not only an additional place for cooking, but also a place for storing utensils and kitchen appliances, a dining table or breakfast bar. Optionally, you can carry out communication, place on it an additional stove, sink, sockets and even the hood, hanging shelves or boxes on such “island». It is also worth to mention that the kitchen island in general changes the approach to the preparing of food.

The kitchen island is the stage where you will cook with the face to members of the household or guests. And, of course, with this planning it is much more convenient to cook for few people at the same time. In addition there are a lot of different such island designs for kitchens. Unfortunately, this type of planning is very picky about the kitchen area. For comfortable movement and working in the kitchen minimum distance from the “islands” to other elements of the kitchen furniture should be at least 1 meter. And, ideally, this distance must not be less than 2 meters. The total recommended area of the island planning is of 15 square meters.

the kitchen island ideas

Nevertheless there are some variants of kitchen island designs for small kitchens. But then you have to be prepared to the fact that it will lose some of its functionality or severely will limit you in free space. There are some requirements or rather wishes to the width and height of the “islands». The width of the “islands” must permit freely access with a hand to the opposite side of it. If the countertop will be too broad it may slightly complicate the cooking process. By the height kitchen island is usually made on the level as the other elements of kitchen. In rare cases, for example, when you want to make the bar table from it you can make it higher.

There are several varieties of kitchen islands. It is worth to consider each of them. Island-chest of drawers is the first type. This type of island is used as storage for kitchen utensils and as an extra countertop for cooking. Island-table is the following one. Such island combines the functions of the table and work surface. Chairs for such tables are often on high legs and are placed in a row. Working surface contains a sink and stove, kitchen chest of drawers is placed under it. Worktop is integral over the whole surface. It relies on the high legs from the side of the table. It is the most popular form of the island.

the kitchen island ideas

Small island is the most actual one for apartments with small kitchens. It is very compact but at the same time contains all the main features of its big brother. So now you know in short about all the benefits of this exciting element of kitchen interior.

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