Advantages of using kitchen cabinet outlet

If the kitchen cabinet outlet lost its form, it is enough to buy a new and strengthened them in place of the old. The same applies to the worktop of the lower row of lockers. The difficulty lies in the use of self-adhesive film, since the surface of the headset must be perfectly flat. So first is cleaning facades, treated with primer. Then carefully paste film so as not to generate wrinkles and creases.


  • Instead of shelves – installation of the boxes, and vice versa;
  • Sometimes it is convenient to make the door open to the other side, or put forward, reclined;
  • Shelves can be open or closed by a curtain;
  • Facades are replaced with new or restored, decorate;
  • You can add or remove extra shelves, boxes.

Modifications and repairs kitchen cabinet outlet – different concepts. In the first case, the problem is to improve the functionality of the headset. Repair of the means of its return if it has been lost. It may also be aimed at the restoration of the former aesthetics.


Sometimes the design of old furniture begins to seem boring. Updating the kitchen unit allows economical change of scenery, and even radically changes the concept of design. Here are some ideas:

  • Painting headset;
  • Car wrapping film;
  • Changing facades;
  • Selection of a new range of colors;
  • Changing accessories;
  • Adding new elements;
  • Change apron.

Example. To create a kitchen in country style is enough to paste over the film set, imitating wood. An excellent effect can be achieved if the lift doors on the top or bottom row, closing the curtains of cloth shelves.

Decoration kitchen cabinet factory outlet

Furniture can simply decorate. Decor kitchen units can be configured in several ways:

  • The decoupage style. To do this, clean the surface of furniture, primed.
  • Prepare drawings can be printed, cut from magazines and newspapers, napkins.
  • Attach them using PVA glue. When everything is dry – cover with 3 layers of lacquer.

Finishing rattan – vine palm creepers. Before inserting the blade into the frame of the facade, it is left for 30 minutes in cold water. Mount it should be a wet form, whereas after drying it will be stretched and straightened;

  • Installation in the door glass inserts, mosaics;
  • The use of vinyl stickers;
  • Surface paints.
  • Decorate furniture should be very careful. Even small errors can ruin the appearance of the headset.

To manufacture furniture for the kitchen can be with their own hands. This will require payment headset, preparation of materials and accessories, special tools. Cutting and facades are often bought in the shop – the work requires great precision. But it is not always necessary to buy or make a new set. Sometimes it can be repaired, reschedule or decorate old furniture.

Kitchen cabinet outlets made of solid wood – a valid contribution for years to come

People respect the classics, strength, durability, choosing the kitchen made of solid wood. This choice is justified by quality, aesthetic characteristics of the material.

Popular wood species, their quality indicators

In the manufacture of furniture using the best timbers. They are deciduous trees: oak, beech, ash, cherry, and alder. Pine is used in the manufacture of kitchen budget.

  • Oak – the most valuable wood used to build wooden furniture. It has a beautiful structure, dense surface. It is resistant to chipping, amenable to staining in different shades. Natural shade attracts attention with its originality.
  • Beech is not less popular. Its density is slightly lower than oak, but the price is more affordable. It has a pale yellow or pinkish tinge. Easy to process, staining.
  • Using ash, are unique bent workpiece. Ash facades for the kitchen will give a finished look as a classic style and modern style interior.
  • Cherry is used for exclusive models, thanks to the beautiful texture, pink and brown shades. The structure is dense, flexible.
  • Alder – is softwood. Has a pronounced texture, it darkens rapidly in air, so once painted to preserve the visual appeal. Sometimes two colors: black or mahogany. It is easy to process.

Each timber has a right to take pride of place in the house of a man who appreciates quality, beauty, natural pattern, and flavor. But it is worth remembering that any material can have both advantages and disadvantages to be aware of.

Characteristics of kitchen furniture from the array: advantages and disadvantages

  • To begin with talk about the merits of wooden furniture
  • Advantages of solid wood kitchen
  • Eco-friendly material. People with allergies may choose an array without concern for health. The kitchen will feel a pleasant aroma of wood combined with the culinary smells.
  • Over the years, the nature creates beautiful, unique texture of the trunk. Your kitchen is unique, with its own pattern.
  • With proper care kitchen will become stronger.
  • Exterior wooden headset will give the room nobility point to family well-being, solidity, wealth.
  • The possibility of restoration.
  • Features of the design kitchen with a window in the working area

The kitchen cabinet outlets are an important focus of the kitchen decor. With proper design of the kitchen with a window can be visually more spacious and carry a decorative function. In addition to the aesthetic appeal of a small kitchen must be ergonomic and versatile.

For the balance of comfort and practicality, it is necessary to know how to make an opening window and position of furniture and equipment.

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