About buying and how to install kitchen cabinets

Creating a design project of their future kitchen is sure to make a collage, it is not so difficult as how to install kitchen cabinets. Find photos Headset, table, chairs, lamps, all finishing materials that are going to use. When all the elements of the future interior will close, on a single sheet – real or virtual – you will immediately see whether one develops a harmonious picture. Does laminate shade goes well with wooden parts of the headset or dining group? Will the wall tiles, which you have chosen for the apron, in harmony with the floor? Friendships between whether a pattern on the wallpaper and the decorations on the tile?


Keep in mind that if you make a collage on the computer, the settings of your monitor may distort colors. And in reality they can be quite different than it seemed. But in any case it’s better than nothing.

Buy a tile “butt” without reserve

Spending money on a spare tile, which for many years will be based on dead weight, occupying a place somewhere in a cupboard or pantry – a very dubious pleasure. But professionals are advised to not knowingly add to the calculated number of tiles at least 10 percent.

Just imagine what you will do if the negligent master accidentally broke a few extra tiles or made a mistake when trimming, and now on the apron or the kitchen floor left a hole? Almost certainly, buy the exact same tile you will not be able – she is already of a new party, and therefore vary in caliber, tone and even class.

The situation may be different. Having trouble with the warm floor and had to remove part of the lining. Tile suddenly cracked a few months after installation, or someone accidentally chopped it, dropping something heavy out of the kitchen utensils.

It would be desirable to save money, buy a tile from the reserve. A professional advice in this article will help you to reduce costs without compromising the quality of the tile and the final result.

Completely rely on the calculation of the tiles in the interior.

Many salons and online stores as a bonus offer to calculate the number of tiles that you need for repair. Help experienced and competent seller – excellent help. But if there is a possibility – recheck calculations. Mistakes do happen and can cost you a pretty penny. And if because of miscalculation Manager you will have the extra three or four tiles of the box, not the fact that the salon would accept them back and refund you. Typically, this calculation is considered to be only a recommendation and is usually done without a contract. Therefore, to make a complaint in case of an error, you cannot.

Designers are advised to

When planning the location of the tiles, decors, borders and friezes, it is better to make several variants of installation. So not only can you find a new interesting idea for your kitchen design, but also more accurately count the number of tiles required for its implementation.

Count back tile surplus store

Return tiles – a rather delicate question. Formally, the store has every right to take back a ceramic tile of good quality, even if it took less than 14 days and you have kept intact in its packaging and presentation. The fact that the tiles – a finishing material, which in most cases is released on the footage, which means that part of the Russian government approved a list of products that cannot be exchanged or returned. Exception – ceramic tiles and decors, which are sold by the piece. If they will not come, you have the right to return them to the seller.


However, many stores are going to meet customers and are ready to exchange or refund the tiles within 14 days. Therefore, if you are not a hundred percent sure that the tiles will suit you, make sure that you can return it to the store and exchanged for something more suitable.

But even in this case, keep in mind that unspent surplus tile, likely will not return. Shop legitimately refuses to accept only part of the goods sold. Moreover, each party has a specific tile tone and caliber, and hardly remains of your tiles to someone useful. However and here it is not without exceptions: some customer-oriented stores are going to meet the buyers, taking the remains, but subject to a number of conditions and reservations.

Not to inspect the tiles when buying

For some reason, we did not check the tile in the shop, and a month later, when the tiler began lying, discovered the “battle”, chipped or cracked? Unfortunately, to prove that you have sold already battered tiles, and force the seller to replace it, it will not succeed. You can make a claim only if the fight and chips you notice during the acceptance of the goods and on this occasion there in the store made the act. So do not hesitate to open the box and carefully examine all the tiles for damage and any other marriage, especially if you have chosen not cheap ceramics.

Take the first available size

It does not matter to the apron, the walls or the floor in the kitchen you buy tiles, unsuccessfully selecting the size; you risk spoiling all the impression of repairs and spending more money than you need. If the tile height / width do not fit into the dimensions of the apron, or gender, they will have to cut, collect the pieces and throw away the leftovers. A lot of effort, time and tile in the result are wasted, and the finished result will look absolutely “not very.”

Therefore, to determine the design of the tile and its layout do not be lazy “try” to the apron and the floor in different sizes ceramics. Then repair results you definitely will not disappoint.

Designers are advised how to install crown molding on kitchen cabinets

During measurements of the walls it is very important to put roulette only in a straight line. Be sure to check the shape and size of the kitchen side. This can be a tape measure diagonally premises. If they are equal, then the corners of the kitchen straight.


Select the tile design and colors, ignoring its characteristics

The first thing we look at when choosing a tile – its color, design and texture of the surface. But not every ceramic settle down in the kitchen and will serve you for years to come. Experts recommend giving preference to ceramic tiles with special protection from the chemicals that are contained in strong detergents such as antibacterial effect (look for the tile labeled AA). Then you can safely direct cleanliness in the kitchen, not afraid to spoil the appearance of the tiles. When choosing tile for the floor, be sure to pay attention to its durability. Recommendation pro – III class PEI scale.

And another very important point – the floor tiles in any case should not be slippery. When choosing a look at the so-called coefficient of friction – is optimal if it is above 0.75, it is permissible – 0, 4-0, 74. Kitchen tiles must not be porous and rough – this surface actively attracts dirt and complicates cleaning.

Stamped are made from a single sheet of stainless steel. That is why they are physically no seams that can be attributed to the category of their benefits. They are cheap because of the ease of production. However, there is another side to the coin – stamped stainless steel sink is very shallow. Typically, their depth is about 15 centimeters. Agree, such depth is not always convenient for the hostess. Especially if you have to wash a lot of dishes. There is one more nuance which is worth paying attention to when choosing a stamped sinks. The wall thickness may be uneven and therefore may be areas where the wall is quite thin. This occurs when the manufacturer or violates technology uses low-quality metal.

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