A window in a small kitchen with using kitchen cabinet accessories

The most effective and affordable option – to place the work area along the window opening, and thereby make it more spacious, even if the area is only 5-7 square meters.  The window, located in the middle, it can be executed in different ways -. Due to increase the size of the window sill countertops, ensuring the working area larger area. Also, along the opening can be installed lockers. The working area in front of the window allows you to enjoy what is happening on the street.


Small flats often have elongated kitchen and the best way for its are kitchen cabinet accessories. For such a narrow space countertop better place along the wall. The window sill is possible to build the sink and around the opening position the cupboard. So it will be the most efficient as well as visually change the shape space. Wide drawers rationally are replaced by sliding facades headset. If the kitchen has a square shape, then one wall can accommodate a dining area, but on the contrary – a recreation area.

Two windows in the kitchen

Since the two windows in the kitchen take up part of the space, and their design should be used rationally. It is appropriate to high columns or long, narrow cabinets for built-in household appliances and utensils. With high ceilings, good use of the mezzanine a small depth. Near the window at the opposite wall area can be divided dining area. Two window openings can be curtained tulle in the same style.

The convenient location of the window opening can not only mask the radiators, but also to enjoy the outdoors while cooking a meal – a view of the street scene sets a good mood and relaxes. When the location of a place to wash dishes under a window sill is important to thoroughly calculate all.

The kitchen cabinets accessories is best to buy a small size, as high crane can be an obstacle for the frames. Choose this type to a jet of water was directed downwards in order to prevent ingress of water on the window sill. If the battery will be under the sill, the headset should be set so that it does not interfere with air to circulate freely.

Working surface

Kitchen design with a window in the work area depends on the room size, the location of the opening, the general design and the wishes of the owners. Combining the working surface of the window, you need to know some features of the arrangement.

Batteries are often under the window closed top, preventing the normal flow of heat. If you cannot install the floor heating, the heat sink can be replaced by a compact heat convector.

Changing the depth of the cabinets. The standard depth of 60 cm kitchen cabinets, but the pantry is fine and depth of 40 cm. In the narrow kitchenette cabinet doors sliding do better not to close the passage swinging doors.

To narrow kitchen perfectly fit multifunction table with retractable modules.

Discard the classic curtains, more suitable option with blinds, Roman blinds or roll.

Working area of the window in the kitchen, you can select original expressive apron. Come to the aid bright functional materials in the form of a decorative protective panel. Working surface made of tempered safety glass can withstand temperature changes, and it is protected against dripping water and fat.

On the panel is applied to any image that is suitable for your design. Monolithic glass ensures easy clean surface on its smooth surface will not have mold or mildew, both joints of ceramic tiles. Apron from such glass can be issued under the aquarium, and it can be with LED backlight also “come alive.”

Along the narrow walls of better place furniture P or L-shaped layout, while on the other hand make space for a dining area and on the other side kitchen cabinet accessories trash can.

Kitchen with a window in the working area can be done in several ways:

  • Use exclusive materials for finishing the kitchen to look modern.
  • Change the location of the table, moving it along with the sink and hob in the center.
  • It is possible to attach the sill hinged countertop, and it will serve as an excellent area for lunch, folded without occupying much space. This option is perfect for small apartments.
  • The maximum space can be obtained with the placement of furniture and equipment in the form of the letter P.


Dining table can be placed near the opening. The window in the middle of the wall is an excellent source of natural light, reducing the consumption of electronic resources. Combining the work surface with a dining area, you can free up additional space.

Rationally will accommodate the working area in the form of letters of F along a blank wall on the corner kitchen with two windows. This option will provide you with maximum usable space, combined with a wonderful kitchenette.

Cabinet accessories kitchen

Cabinet accessories kitchen is an ideal solution for small spaces. The angular shape of the headset helps to create the triangle of kitchen – refrigerator, sink and stove in an accessible area. With a kitchen, you can achieve the effect of increasing the visual space. With such a non-standard form of the window is better to place the sink, which will hide the battery.

If the windows are located on different walls of the kitchen corner, the resulting corner fits perfectly into a small closet. You can also arrange open shelves or install a plasma TV. You can purchase a headset with a variable radius, allowing the beaten zone of greater depth. The corner kitchen is a convenient option for furniture and equipment. One or two window openings to help implement bold projects.

Corner kitchen with a window in the corner of a private home is a smart option for small spaces. By placing the kitchen along the window, you can make a narrow space and a spacious multi-function, since it is possible to release additional meters.

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