8 Tips: Design your own kitchen, layout, online, free

Do you feel a strong need to design your own kitchen? It is a strategically significant place that performs a wide range of functions except only cooking food. It is very important to think over all the details of this renovation. This process may seem very complicated if it’s performed with all necessary demands. Some people are lacked time and want to save their effort, that’s why they hire a professional kitchen designer who is qualified to solve all problems and takes responsibility to attach your wishes to reality. From this point of view employing the designer is the worthily spent amount of money. At the end of your mutually profitable cooperation, you will receive what you want. When choosing a designer, ask him to provide you with all information confirming his degree of professionalism, take a look at his portfolio to learn about his style of work.

7 Tips: Design your own kitchen, layout, online, free

1. Possible ways to design your own kitchen online

If you think that nobody except you is the best at performing your kitchen renovation, utilize special house designed software and planners. They will help you to create your desired room images from idea to real detailed and specified plan. Most of these design programs provide its users with all necessary tools to even build the entire house, consisting of two- or three floors. They have different levels of difficulty and globality. You may use narrow-specified tools for proper sketching or have a proper look at multi-functional software programs that will lead you through all steps to your dream kitchen. So there are:

  • Specialized expert programs.
  • Multi-functional programs with plenty of functions. They are mostly free. These unpaid software tools can give you a helping hand if you don’t know how to start with.

The main difference between those free programs and their paid variants is in their wide selection of functions. As a rule, professional design software cost more but they are also quite complicated in operation and require special training.

  • Paid programs have a huge number of items to choose from the catalog.
  • Very often paid programs appear to be famous manufacturers’ products. It means that you are supposed to purchase the chosen furniture and decorative elements from a given store. These programs offer its clients the opportunity to calculate the expected costs of future renovation. But if you don’t want to be bound to a specific brand, choose independent planners that are not connected with only one manufacturer and displays you a great variety of furniture and other items.
  • Paid versions very often have free trials. Free trials are really good as the manufacturers would like you to purchase a full version which you will have to pay.

Choose a paid program if you feel confidence in using such kind of software, if you want to master your skills at designing or if designing is your job.

  • Being an amateur, you can design your own kitchen online free using software design tools.Unpaid programs can be shortened of options or examples of appliances, material samples. In some versions, you may experience with an unnatural view, surfaces, uncompleted functions, uncomfortable navigation. But in general, they are good for total beginners in the field of designing.

General steps are the following:

1) You have to register first to have an opportunity to save, print or share your results with family members, friends or co-workers. If you start immediately with creating your design and then have the necessity to save the picture, the program will demand you to log in. As a result of doing this, you’ll have to start all the work from the very beginning.

2) Choose from a given floor plans for your kitchen (one-wall, galley, L-shaped, U-shaped, island or peninsular kitchens).

3) Personalize your project by applying desired color, textures, furniture, decorative elements. All process is viewed in elevation and in 2d-3d in most programs.

4) The advanced software lets you have a walk through your virtual kitchen, observe it from different positions.

5)  You can add windows, doors, cabinets of different shapes and dimensions.

6)  You can save your result.


  1. Kitchens planners
  2. Kitchen desing tools
  3. Kitchen desing software

2. How to design your own kitchen layout

The layout depends on your kitchen size, your preferences, and your budget. Let’s observe typical forms of kitchen sets:

  • Galley layout. It is characterized with placing kitchen cabinets and drawers along two walls providing a sort of path walk between them. This variant can be good for big kitchens for most restaurant owners find this layout the most comfortable. The disadvantage is that you may need to do quite a lot of moving about the area from one working place to another. Also, this variant won’t suit for those who want to have all necessary things at an arm’s reach.
  • One-wall layout. It is a quite good decision for kitchenettes. All the cabinets are placed and hung on one side. This kind of layout responds a basic rule of safety announcing that a kitchen sink and a stove shouldn’t be arranged side by side. There must be at least 0,5 meters distance between them.
  • L-shaped layout. The furniture is arranged along two neighboring walls creating so-called a working triangle: a sink, cutting and slicing space, and a refrigerator.
  • The U-shaped layout is furnished along three adjoining walls.
  • Peninsular layout has a special breakfast zone.
  • Island layout has a working space for food processing in the middle of the room.

7 Tips: Design your own kitchen, layout, online, free

3. The choice of materials

All materials have their specific features that should be taken into consideration when choosing then in reality. Though possessing a different range of attractiveness, they differ in their in their specifications.

Wood is considered to be the vest variant for its beauty and the sense of prosperity. This material will never be out of fashion.

Plastic laminate is quite affordable but appears to resemble more expensive products. It is used mostly for countertops.

Tile is more often applied for backsplash because of its practical advantages. It is easily washable, has a wide range of colors and patterns, and has high water resistance rate and perfect outer characteristics. Among the disadvantages, one can mention difficulties while applying and removing tile from the walls. This must be taken into consideration.

MDF (Medium Density Fiberglass) fits any kitchen design as many manufacturers release MDF panels with a variety of decorating coverings. With time, MDF begins to warp, separate and lose its functional characteristics. Though if exploited according to all rules it will serve you for a long time.

The glass is often applied to kitchen appliances. Glass is rather practical, cleanable material though weak to scratching and stains. It also demands regular wiping.

Plastic is a cheap variant for those who want to renovate their kitchen and spend fewer expenses. The disadvantages are quick scratching, non-resistance to water and vapor, abrasives and other chemical cleaners.

7 Tips: Design your own kitchen, layout, online, free

4. Color and illumination

Color and lightening are also vitally important aspects in the process of kitchen designing. There are two main principles of a painting of the kitchen walls and correlations with kitchen utensils.

–   The principle of matching.

–   The principle of contrasting.

5. Color choice

Both of them are good when used carefully and thoughtfully. Plain tones provide rather a boring appearance. Too many colors used in the kitchen decoration make it look eclectically and messy. The best variant will be to use a golden middle. Choose one-toned background and add some contrasting accents. For example, walls painted in light pastel color and bright-colored furniture curtains or lamp.

Choosing colors think about the kitchen size. If you have a kitchenette, dark or too bright hues will look inappropriate. What is more, brown, dark-gray, red, blue and other dark colored tones will visually lessen your kitchen and will look gloomy and oppressive. That is why to choose fair pastel hues. They will let more place and air into your kitchen.

If you have a big room there is a wider palette choice of course. But it doesn’t’ mean that you can use dark tones as much as possible. The main rule claims that fair colors enlarge the area while dark ones make it smaller.

Also, you need to balance the impression. So, sunny-lit space will look great if balanced with cold hues. And if your kitchen suffers from the lack of warmth or light, complement it with a warm palette.

In other aspects color selection depends on your personal views and some psychological tips. For example, bright colors like orange, yellow stimulate the appetite and provide good mood. But be careful with using too many bright hues for they may make you feel tired. Incorporate them as accents and think about possible future changes in decoration. That is why; there is no need to make non-replaceable items or parts colored too brightly.

7 Tips: Design your own kitchen, layout, online, free

6. Kitchen area modeling

Illumination allows you to fulfill at least two functions: give light and visually corrects the area. In an illuminating way it is widely supposed nowadays to provide your kitchen with three light sources – above the working space, above the cooking stove and generate lightning for the whole family. It provides you with comfortable working conditions and at the same time save your expenses on electricity bills. The wise appliance of light and shadows helps you to highlight of hiding some places in the kitchen, visibly enlarge your little kitchen, making it look more comfortable and stunning.

Lightening makes the kitchen a comfortable place for food processing. You can increase natural light by painting the walls in light colors. Sunlight will be reflected from fair surface filling the room with maximum light.

7. How to arrange the pieces of furniture

This task can appear to be a really difficult problem. Experienced designers know a lot of tips of how to organize your kitchen space in the most effective way. The most popular one is so called, a “working triangular”. It has been popular since the 1950s and has become the example of furniture arrangements. The main idea is to make a working zone, consisting of three items: refrigerator, working area (cutting and slicing table) and a sink to make the cook’s movements about the kitchen less significant but meaningful. At the same time, you shouldn’t forget about safety rules. There must be a distance between the sink and the stove or heating batteries. In all the rest cases you are free to choose the best and most comfortable arrangement. This working area represents accordingly keeping, working and washing zones. They feature wide access to the area organization.

In different layouts the working triangular consists of different elements. In one-wall layout, the third point is a dining table which can be used as a working surface. At the same time, in galley layout, it will be very convenient to arrange the working space by placing a stove and a sink on one side with a refrigerator and working surface on the other.

Nowadays it’s very widespread to use working areas or working zones, which are usually applied in island kitchen layouts.

8. Decide about kitchen design idea

It is the important question to decide about the kitchen style. There are various types of kitchens. The most popular styles include classical, modern, country, retro, high-tech, Scandinavian, Victorian, eclectic, minimalistic style, Province, Loft, Colonial – the list of styles can be continued.

So, classical design attracts people from different age categories. Contemporary styles – minimalistic and high-tech will mostly appeal to the youth group and medium-aged group.

Eclectic style is the best variant for those who cannot decide which exact style to choose as it uses mixed, combined features from many other styles. There is also authentic style suitable exclusively for your needs and preferences.

There is no universal formula for choosing the best style. Every design has its profits and drawbacks and can cause different kinds of an impression among people.

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