8 news about kitchen cabinet refacing

The glossy sheen of kitchen cabinet refacing. A very effective way to solve the problem of the low ceiling – choose the right kitchen cabinet refacing. Glossy surfaces visually increase the amount of space, and reflections game gives additional depth to the space.


  • It is for this reason that professional designers are often advised to opt for low-ceiling rooms of shiny PVC foil. At the same time the suspended ceiling does not have to be white. If you choose a dark high-gloss finish, thanks to the reflective properties of the surface of the ceiling will still appear higher.
  • Different levels. Two-level stretch and suspended ceiling also help to make the room or the refacing kitchen cabinets visually higher. Embossed design with becoming more popular every year. Installation of suspension or stretched ceiling with two or three levels of height, in reality, of course, ¬ęsteals” a few centimeters.
  • However, the visual effect is, fortunately, is just the opposite. Along the perimeter of the ceiling walls often make little lower. In this central part it is often made of a material with a glossy sheen. If the entire ceiling agreed to do matte, special lighting to help will come. About his role as we describe below.
  • Perhaps the easiest way to add a visual “growth” of the walls and increase the height of the ceiling – use of the finishing materials of the same hue. Almost always light, such as white, cream, milk. When walls and ceilings are of one color, if they are merged into one face, the human eye is fixed at the border between them, and the space appears more.

The same trick can be used in the selection of furniture. Kitchen with a low ceiling should choose bright kitchen set. I would like to add an interior graphic quality? Try this: make base cabinets with fronts bright or dark, and let the top have bright glossy facades.

So, white reface kitchen cabinets on a background of white walls and white ceiling as a “solution” and will appear almost invisible. A great way to make the kitchen is higher than it actually is.

For the same reason, the border between the walls and the ceiling is not necessary to allocate a contrasting border. Reasonable compromise – a mirror strip the ceiling as a border.

The traditional solution, which often recommends designers – used to cover walls c vertically oriented pattern and kitchen cabinets refacing. Especially popular are the wallpaper with vertical stripes, at least tile. Sometimes a wall painted with paint on top of which with the help of masking tape can be drawn contrasting stripes. An important point: the band should not be too frequent or too bright. Otherwise there is a risk to achieve the opposite effect, and the ceiling will seem lower.

How to reface kitchen cabinets: Play of light

Another stylish and functional solution that allows you to visually raise the ceiling – cove. LED ribbon and LED lights mounted under the eaves around the room, located just below the ground level of the ceiling. This lighting not only makes the ceiling above, but in addition allows you to change the illumination color according to your desire and mood.

Falsehood window. Method, but very effective. Very good for the kitchen-dining room and open-plan kitchen with living room. Ceiling design in the shape of the window simulates a source of natural light, creates the illusion of perspective and visually separates the low ceiling. This ceiling light-box is often a panel of bright plastic framed structures made of plasterboard, which hide the wiring. Another embodiment of such a decision – to make a niche in the false ceiling. In it, for example, you can paste the wallpapers with the image of the sky (here you will find a detailed guide how to choose wallpapers). Sometimes imitation windows made of mirror tiles with plates of wood or polyurethane.


Traditional chandelier or pendant ceiling light – a bad choice for low ceilings. Instead, they make better use of wall lights, local lighting in furniture or niches, as well as lighting, built-in tension or ceiling. If you still want to leave the central lighting fixtures should be preferred, which direct the light up, not down, and on top of “pressed” to the ceiling. Perfectly suited concise flat chandeliers Japanese-style lamps and neat-plates.

Pay attention to the rich possibilities of the local illumination and kitchen cabinet refacing cost. Additional lighting is place above the work top, kitchen sink and in the dining area. The more light is in the room or in the kitchen, the more spacious it will seem. Little trick: spotlights built into the upper part of the wall cabinets and aimed at the ceiling, too, will make it visually above.

Kitchen cabinet refacing ideas: Windows and doors

If you increase the height of the doorway and, accordingly, the door almost to the ceiling, it will also help to visually raise the ceilings. A successful alternative – the “ramp up” the door, adding to it the top transom. In the small kitchen designers are advised to opt out of the interior door, if possible, and replace it with a high arch of the drywall.

The window also stands to pull up. At least visually. To achieve this effect will light translucent curtains, soft smooth from the ceiling to the floor. Well, if a little fabric in this case will lie on the floor. Vertical pattern on tulle or thin, barely visible bar on the curtains or blinds will also help to achieve the desired effect. Refacing kitchen cabinets cost not so high, as you can think.

The low ceiling will be to attract less attention if you try to bring him to the floor and walls. One of the options – a combination of dark walls and light flooring. Another option – a catchy accent on the wall. It can be wallpapers, beautiful mural or Accent walls covered with wallpaper contrasting with a bright pattern.


Another good solution – to paint the ceiling a contrasting edges. They attract attention and help us create the desired effect, visually expanding the amount of space and height of the room.

Try to combine the two options on the wall finish and know in start cost to reface kitchen cabinets. For example, you can use the bottom panel (wooden or plastic) or a tile on top – wallpaper, paint or tiles of a different color. This solution helps to visually raise the ceiling and at the same time to push the wall. But this trick will only work in a small space such as the kitchen. If the room is large enough, the horizontal division of the walls visually make the ceiling more low and squat.

Choosing tile for kitchen – it is extremely responsible. If she cease to please you in a few years, to change it will be much harder than re-stick wallpaper or paint the walls a new color. Read the advice of professionals, which errors occur most frequently when choosing a ceramic tile or granite for the kitchen and how to avoid problems when buying.

Tile knocked out of the kitchen interior

The most important rule refacing kitchen cabinet doors – go to choose a tile only once decided on the design of the kitchen, interior style, color and material of kitchen units. When choosing wall tiles special attention should be paid to the tabletop – the future apron should be combined harmoniously with it. Only then can we think about what tiles to choose from.

You want it to be contrasted with the kitchen unit and worktop or, on the contrary, perfectly complementary to them? By the way, beautiful tiles on the apron can be a major emphasis in the interior of your kitchen.

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