7 Kitchen Cabinet Trends In 2016

All trends of home renewal change from time to time but when we speak about the most popular place in a house that is also called the heart of the house, it is important to know what other people do in case you want to sell something.

In general, kitchen cabinet trends haven’t changed much as well as kitchen countertops. Although there are some trends that appeared in 2015. Fortunately, they are believed to be popular in 2016 as well.

Personalized cabinets

There are many trends mentioned below but a lot of people owning home create something new that reflects their needs and wishes. There are lots of companies nowadays that make kitchen design that can go with any kitchen style. That is why even rich homeowners prefer more affordable design rather than a custom one.

On the whole, there is no common kitchen design nowadays. You can ask any kitchen expert about the most popular design and he will certainly reply that the main idea coming from 2015 to 2016 is personal design created for a particular person

7 Kitchen Cabinet Trends In 2016

Clean Lines and Subtle Design

To follow this problem, I can’t but mention clean lines and subtle designs. The most important thing that has been worked out for a long time is using clean lines. This means simple design. This is a nice idea for any person looking how to remodel his or her kitchen cabinet.

This goes best with black and white kitchens. Black and white kitchens create a view of a clean, polishes and really attractive design. This kind of kitchen is a great idea that combines country, up-to-date and transitional kitchens.

Shaker Style

Shaker Style is one of the most popular and continuos tendentions when we speak about kitchen design. By first sight it might seem to be too simple and square without any field for imagination. However, shaker-style kitchens have become popular since the 1800s.

The first idea to create shaker cabinet is by using high quality wood. It looks simple and nice. It is just the same as using a knife while cutting the onion. This design is just right for shaker cabinet.

How commonly used are shaker cabinets?

According to Anthnony Maucieri, president of East Hill Cabinetry, they are used ninety-nine percent of the time and they are usually presented by white-colour door with a square picture and a regular deep centre on it.

White, Grey and Neutral Colours

As we have mentioned before, white colours kitchen cabinets are commonly used nowadays. Besides, other neutral colours including grey are becoming quite popular as well.

Many people start to prefer neutral colours that go well with a wide range of design elements. These colours create a warm atmosphere and provide design independence to use any other colours or design elements throughout the house.

If you don’t really want to change your kitchen cabinet, try painting it or adding any other colours.

Functional Design

Every kind of home design needs not only to look nice but also it must be functional. Fortunately, designers have already taken this into account and created kitchen cabinets that can accommodate all your kitchen equipment and utensils.

Intelligent homeowners occupy all space available in their house especially if this refers to their kitchen cabinets. Pay attention to all room available above your kitchen cabinet, between them or probably make sure you have some space in the corners. There are several ways how to use these empty spaces:

  • Make an additional drawer under your lower cabinets
  • Use containers or extra drawers above kitchen cabinets
  • Install pullout drawer
  • Install a vertical drawer (it is useful for people with a backache)

These ideas can help you to use all available space in your kitchen without leaving one behind.

Horizontal Cabinet

The most popular kitchen cabinet design are usually presented by square and vertical forms. But according to some other sources, there is much interest in horizontal cabinetry as well. If you have enough space, this cabinet is exactly for you. It is much more convenient in usage and it creates a cleaner and nicer look of your kitchen.

If you are having lack of organization, you can also use extra drawers to accommodate all pots, pans and other kitchen utensils you possess.

High-tech Cabinet Options

Nowadays we live in a world of informational technology and few people can imagine their living without new technique that is commonly used around the world. That is why many homeowners are adding high-tech cabinet options like hands-free equipment, tablet holders and so on. All these innovations have made our life much easier.


You know trends come and go. As we mentioned before, personal design of kitchen cabinets will always be popular because it is something that is created for you only and it responds all your needs and desires.

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