7 ideas about kitchen wall cabinets lighting

Organization of light in a small kitchen has important nuances. We show you what lights are best suited to lighting small kitchens, and what methods of illumination should be avoided. How to make a small kitchen really comfortable using a properly sized lighting – see this article.


About kitchen wall cabinets  lighting on our website we tell is not the first time. In this detailed article I wrote about how to be general and local cuisine lighting. But small kitchens have their own characteristics.

The most common variant of the backlight, which is selected owners of small-sized kitchen, – a pendant lamp with a large canopy or shade. A popular alternative to it – a small chandelier, often with 2-3 horns or shades.

It would seem that such an option is quite able to sufficiently illuminate a small space. But in reality, this method of lighting is very inconvenient. Especially in the work area of the kitchen headset is not the local working illumination. Often, this lamp illuminates only the center of the kitchen, and the most important zones remain in the shadows. Even in the smallest kitchen should definitely use multiple light sources. The main thing to do it correctly.

The most successful version of the kitchen wall cabinets lighting

According to the experience of the work with small kitchens and designs fellow designers, I have come to the best, in my opinion, the combination of light sources:

In the work area I will use the working backlight under the wall cabinets (overhead and locks or elongated spot lights). Of the different types of furniture fixtures I recommend you check out a separate post.

As a general ceiling lighting for a kitchen wall cabinet perfect spotlights, ceiling spotlights or lamps compact rotary-spots, mounted on a so-called bus or rail system. Add a backlight can be along the line of kitchen cabinets or on the perimeter of the ceiling at some distance from the wall.

In the dining area I’d like to use a pendant lamp with a beautiful canopy or 2-3 small suspension that make a beautiful composition. This solution not only practical (worktop will always be well lit) but effectively with a decorative point of view. Beautiful light over the dining table is often a visual accent in the kitchen design, a kind of icing on the cake, which creates a mood and collects the entire interior of a small kitchen into a harmonious whole completed.

Important nuances

What to remember when implementing this option of lighting? I would venture to give a few tips that may be useful to you.

Changing the angle

For general lighting small kitchen ideal turning point and overhead lights that have easy to change the tilt angle and direction of light. Then you can easily control the backlight depending on the situation, lighting is the place where you need it most at the moment, but your kitchen will remain dark corners.

Sometimes you can see small kitchen furniture lamps on the brackets that attach to the top of the wall cabinets and the “hovering” over the top. In my opinion, this decision is functional, but failed for a small kitchen with an aesthetic point of view. Such lamps visually cluttering up the already tiny space, visually heavier wall cabinets, and create a sense of confusion.

Height matters and kitchen wall colors with white cabinets

A common problem with most small kitchens – low ceiling. At the mortise and overhead fixtures, despite their convenience, there is one significant drawback: it is necessary to set them to install a suspended ceiling of plasterboard, which smoothest the surface and masks the wiring.

To get a nice flat ceiling with evenly spaced along its overhead lights have to sacrifice at least 4-5 inches of height. But such a solution is often justified. In this case, the kitchen lighting to get the most uniform and ceiling with overhead lights visually looks much easier than with a conventional chandelier.

If you want to use recessed lighting, ceiling would have to be lowered to 11-15 centimeters.

A very good option (if you notice, it is often used designers in their projects) – to make plasterboard box only in the area of kitchen units: so that it extends slightly in front of the edge of the wall cabinets. This arrangement will not only build in spotlights along the front of the kitchen and ensure good coverage of the work area, but also to reliably hide unsightly communication, such as exhaust air.

In the small kitchen I would not do plasterboard box with a hollow in the center, framing the perimeter of the room. This solution is considered to be the best for low ceilings due to imitation dome effect – making the ceiling appear taller visually. But in small rooms such design will look quite unattractive and visually conceal the space.

2 original lighting ideas for a wall cabinets kitchen

In the arsenal of designers have a lot of unusual methods of design light. I want to share with you two ideas that are very suitable for small kitchens. Glowing strip between the kitchen unit and the ceiling the idea is simple, but very effective. The narrow gap between the upper part of hanging lockers and ceiling can hide the panel of frosted tempered, acrylic or Plexiglas, and the place of the backlight LED strip for him. This light does not just look beautiful. It is also very functional. Masks corrugated hood, runs a source of additional background lighting and, in addition to visually make the ceiling higher.

Another embodiment of the backlight design small kitchen, which is easy to implement with their own hands – LED-backlight cap of kitchen units. Look: the kitchen seemed to hover in the air. The boundaries are blurred as if the floor and it seems that your little kitchen area slightly larger than it actually is. Highlighting the bottom of the floor cabinet’s perfect for the role of night-duty light. An important caveat – for easy cleaning LED tape is to protect a special profile. Alternatively, the LED lights can be mounted directly under the sink – it looks unusual and attractive.

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