7 advises why you need affordable kitchen cabinets

The glass ceramic hob is very durable, can withstand repeated blows from the bottom of the pan, but from acupressure, it will deteriorate. In the fall of the knife and other items down on the edge of the glass-ceramic surface cracks are formed, and the hob fails.


In a conventional gas or electric can put pots of different temperatures with wet or dry walls. But it is not suitable for glass-ceramic surfaces. Splash cold water on a hot plate may bring induction heating failure.

Perfectly smooth surface as perfect, so and brings inconvenience. For large liquid spills out of the pan onto a flat hotplate comes her free run-off onto the floor. Well, if this is a simple fluid, not fat soup.

For the glass-ceramic plates require a certain metal utensils made of stainless steel with a thick bottom.

The main criterion for affordable kitchen cabinets – smooth and flat bottom, which will ensure the minimum loss of heat during heavy heating and diameter, corresponds to the size of the hotplate.

It is desirable that she was the bottom with a small reflection coefficient, i.e. opaque or dark color. On the outer surface of the dish bottom is not allowed and the inscriptions engraved image. The box should be marked that the dishes can be used for glass-ceramic plates.

It is not recommended to apply

Even if it seems to be smooth, it is not recommended. If you greatly increase the surface roughness can be seen.

Copper and aluminum cookware is not suitable for use on this plate. Heating of these metals may leave marks on the road surface. The use of glass bakeware is no alternative solution. It is a long time warming up, so the time for cooking increases.

Proper care of the stove

  • The glass surface should be handled with care. Use any metal object or a washcloth, conventional detergents or abrasives should not be.
  • Wipe the plate with a soft flannel cloth immediately after contamination. If leftovers have lain for several hours, then you can remove them with the scraper. Typically, such a device with replaceable blades is sold complete with a stove.
  • How to wash the ceramic glass plate
  • Remains of food are best removed immediately while still warm stove. For the glass-ceramic plates use a mild detergent that is not possible to scratch the surface.
  • The tool bit is applied to the plate surface and rubbing it on a paper towel.
  • Then the course is wet towel, which removed the remnants of the solution.
  • Polish the dry surface of the glass ceramic can be by conventional dry towels with soft bristles.

Now on the market of household chemicals especially popular it occupies a special solution for washing and cleaning surfaces of glass-ceramic in the form of foam. It does not leave stains on the delicate material. After drying, do not remain matt or glossy spots. The use of such a solution is very convenient, it does not contain in its composition active substance abrasive origin.

Innovative plate with glass ceramic is very smart modern technology. They are designed to maximize comfort. All sorts of options and optimal heating significantly reduce the cooking various dishes. This technique is perfectly aesthetic demands and makes a stylish kitchen.

Kitchen set – Equips small kitchen!

Many face problems of small rooms. These include and kitchen. Some solve the problem by re-planning of premises, sliding the walls. But this method is complicated and odd is not required. Even very small kitchen is quite possible to make comfortable and functional, to choose the right kitchen set.

Affordable custom kitchen cabinets for a small kitchen

Proper design of kitchen furniture for a small kitchen is based on the following methods:

  • Overall volume is not furniture for a small room. It is best to choose furniture with small size and bright colors. It is appropriate to use the furniture-transforms ram (reclining tables, folding chairs). It is convenient to use the bar as a subject for the division of space and a full dining area. For home hanging out with your family fit oval small tables made of glass or a plastic.
  • Increase the storage capacity of the system allows the furniture, which is 5-10 cm above the standard. Instead of swinging doors using the lower tier racks and doors hanging cabinets do rise.
  • From doors is better to refuse, but then set a powerful hood, or use the sliding doors. This will expand the space, make the room open. To this end, also recommended the arrangement of furniture away from the doorway.
  • The compact appliances. There is no need to clutter up the space of a small room a huge fridge, stove and oven if it is not needed. Microwave, small appliances and cooking utensils can be placed in the bracket, or ratings, fixed to the wall. Such a process will not clutter up the space on the countertop.
  • A small chandelier above the dining area makes the kitchen as much as possible light. Working zone remarkably accentuate small lamps or LED ribbon.
  • Color spectrum. The colors used calm, light, low-key, even cold. With their help, erased the boundaries of the room, visually expand the space.

How to choose a kitchen set for a small kitchen

It is necessary to be defined with a kitchen set is selected for a small kitchen. Based on the size of the room (length and width), financial capability and other factors choose various options of kitchen sets.

Corner kitchen sets

Are divided into two types:

  • L-shaped layout. Under this option, there is room for a dining area. Sam is set between two adjacent walls.
  • U-shaped layout. Its use is appropriate only when using the kitchen as a place of cooking and dining area is located in a different place.
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