5 ways to use wood kitchen cabinets

Wood kitchen cabinets has a sliding design. If necessary, the two halves can be diluted in countertops hand and install additional special panel there between. As a result, square table is transformed into a rectangular and round – in the oval. This is an interesting solution for small-sized kitchen; such a design is very comfortable and functional.


When assembled, the table is suitable for two or three people at the same time occupying a minimum of space in the kitchen. By the arrival of the guests so it can be expanded to fit all.

In addition to this table should buy chairs or stools with backs that fold compactly, “stringing” on each other. When they are not needed, they can be stored in the pantry or the balcony and get to the arrival of guests. Another option – folding chairs.

There are various designs solid wood kitchen cabinets, transforming the table arrangements. When purchasing be sure to check for the possibility of how the one that is equipped with the model you like. Make sure that it is easy to use and fully functional, easily and flawlessly display and put back.

This design is simple and at the same time very comfortable and functional. When the table is built, it will not prevent you to move around the kitchen, and the two or three people can be accommodated him. At any moment, it can be expanded with one movement of the hand, and it will be able to have breakfast, lunch or dinner four or five people, or even more.

Folding table.

Folding table in dark wood kitchen cabinets located at the wall. He usually has a rectangular or semi-circular shape. When the table is not needed, the table top can be folded by removing the flush to the wall. If necessary, it is placed on the leg or strut – and full dining space for one or more people ready. This table will allow you to move freely around the small kitchen during cooking and at the same time not sacrifice comfortable accommodation with meals.

Another option involves the sliding table attachment to the cupboard special guide. One of the sides of the table in the fixed rail and moves it as according to the rail rests on the other legs with wheels. Such a design can be moved from one corner to another.

The bar counters.

The bar – narrow and long, in large kitchens it can be placed directly in the center and it is little more often located along one of the walls. In this case, it practically does not create noise and trouble, while at the counter of 4-5 or more people can simultaneously accommodate. Thus it is possible to create a complete and very compact dining area.

As a rule, much better looks bar, located at an altitude of at the same level as the rest of the kitchen furniture. And some people don’t know how to clean wood kitchen cabinets.

Even for very small and cramped kitchen can choose a comfortable and beautiful table. It does not take much space, while behind it can accommodate all family members and even guests. When choosing a table for a small kitchen in the first place define its goals and objectives in order to understand what design you need size. Then select the appropriate type of table, as well as coloring and style – and compact, but at the same time a convenient place for lunch you provided.

Choosing cherry wood kitchen cabinets set

The most important part of every kitchen – a comfortable and functional kitchen set. There are three main options for the form of kitchen units.

  • L-shaped – it is a corner suite;
  • P-type – set with two angles having the shape of the letter “P”;
  • Line, which is located along one wall.

Most often in small kitchens set angle L-shaped headset, as this form maximizes the use of the “triangle principle”, which will be discussed below. This suite is the most convenient and functional, since it has sufficient working surface.

But the row sets look good and are often the most advantageous option – much depends on the location of the window, the number of household appliances, organizations dining area. Cons – the minimum number of cabinets and a small work surface, but this furniture does not take up much space, and all work items are close at hand.


The facades of kitchen furniture are made mainly of the following materials: MDF (fiberboard), particle board (chipboard) and chipboard, as well as natural wood. Sometimes their complementary glass or metal. Facades of chipboard, MDF covered with enamel, PVC film, wood veneer, decorative laminate.

Facades coated with enamel, good that is for all wood kitchen cabinets units, you can choose absolutely any color. This facade can be glossy and matte, easy to clean, does not absorb odors. Disadvantages: high cost, susceptibility to fading under the influence of the sun, fear of mechanical damage, with such facades require frequent cleaning – at the touch of the hands on them remain fingerprints.

PVC film – the cheapest material for covering the facade of the headset. It can simulate absolutely any covering: wood, enamel, lacquer, stone, metal, and others. Advantages of the material: a large range of colors, durability, strength, low cost. Cons: the film may peel off from the panel; it is afraid of high temperatures and unstable to fading when exposed to sunlight.

Decorative plastic is glued on top of the base. Compared with PVC film and enamel it more durable, not afraid to shock and sunlight, water resistant, not afraid of high temperature. Deficiencies in this material are not enough: the glossy plastic part fingerprints and matte hard to wash. Sometimes the plastic covering may be distorted.

Wood – a good option for the manufacture of kitchen furniture, including table tops, but not cheap. Depending on the type of tree will be set only his characteristic color, pattern. Most often, kitchen furniture made from pine, spruce, larch, birch, oak. The main drawback – the high cost. And the bright kitchen of wood not creates – it is a pity to spoil the natural material. Pros – ecology and aesthetics.

Kitchen appliances.

Catching arrangement of dishes, it is useful to use the principle of “work triangle” whose vertices sink, refrigerator and stove. Maximum convenience in the best wood for kitchen cabinets creates the position of these points is in the form of a triangle. They need not be adjacent to each other and at the same time it is important that were close enough to each other.

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