5 ways how oak kitchen cabinets save small kitchen

The designer used a lot of oak kitchen cabinets, but the bright accents of the small-sized kitchen went only benefit. The combination of white and orange looks very fresh, happy and effective. Bright colors interspersed with neutral walls and floor, white brick walls as an apron and metal parts.


Convenient lockers modular kitchen units with drawers allow the best use of every centimeter of space is limited. By the way, you may be interested in reading the recommendations of experts, which sets better suited for a small kitchen.

The working area of the small-sized kitchen in classic style inspired by its compactness. It has gone in a full ceramic hob, extractor hood and a fairly large and functional kitchen sink. Wash the dishes, while looking out the window – nice amenity for the hostess. However, in this case, it is essential to choose the right sink model. To avoid errors, it will help our article about how to choose a good wash for the kitchen.

The oven had little to shift away from the cooking surface to the kitchen was a place to turn in the cooking process. A good solution for small-sized kitchen – bright facades kitchen units and hinged door cabinets made of glass with beautiful decorative inserts.

Another design of kitchen colors with oak cabinets, where he actively uses bright and saturated color. At this time the red. There are a lot of glossy surfaces – lacquered fronts of kitchen furniture and shiny tiles on the apron, built-in appliances metallic colors and chrome fittings.

The interior of this small-sized kitchen is built on a spectacular color combination of burgundy, white, gray and dark beige. Folding table, chairs with backs and chrome bar stools – perfectly fit into the design of a small kitchen, so they do not clutter up the space.

Practical solution – part of the working area is located above the ground level. This allows you to use it as a bar. Many convenient boxes, ratings, suspended storage and open shelves help maintain a small-sized kitchen perfect order.

White is perhaps the simplest and most logical solution for small-sized kitchen. White facades are perfectly combined with warm natural tones and expressive natural textures. Warmth and comfort of a small kitchenette attached laminated worktop under light tree and an apron of tile under a stone, imitating brickwork.

Using kitchen paint colors with oak cabinets!

By the way, if you are interested in alternative finishes the work area in a kitchen paint colors with oak cabinets. And if you still prefer the tiles, we recommend review of the fashion trends in ceramic tile.

Notice how skillfully inscribed in the tiny space furnished – this little kitchen perfectly arranged in terms of ergonomics. On a couple of meters could fit, and a mini-fridge and a washing machine. And the oven, not to mention a full 4-ring hob, extractor hood and microwave.

This unusual solution suitable for small apartment’s studio layout. Kitchen Zone expanded by insulated balcony. U-shaped layout is convenient for the hostess.

White furniture with glossy facades, white walls, metal inserts and the almost complete lack of small-sized wall cabinets make the kitchen light and airy. For storage of kitchen utensils were enough base cabinets under the worktop.

Small-sized kitchen in classical style may look quite solid and respectable and still be very comfortable and functional. A great example of this – this image. This compact corner kitchen set beautiful brown designer is very well possible to combine aesthetics and practicality.

Frame facades of the small-sized kitchen made of MDF and solid wood. In addition, due to the modest size of this suite will cost an adequate amount?

Other ways using small kitchen

In this small-sized kitchen a lot of boxes, drawers, shelves and elements to store all necessary. Wall cabinets allow the maximum use of space. In the design of small-sized kitchen successfully entered the spectacular glass doors with beautiful plates.

Due to the small size of the kitchen worktop made of artificial stone has turned out rather narrow. To fit compact hob and oven, specially had to make an original projection.

This unfinished oak kitchen cabinets in a modern style has a very limited space. Absolute priority is given to the practicality and functionality, and the interior is laid out literally centimeter. From the living room separates the kitchen a small podium and is located along the wall of a bar, which also serves as a dining table. A click on this link, you can learn more what are bars in the small kitchen.

Furniture for a small-sized kitchen that was made to order – dark facades contrast with the milk-white top and a few light doors hinged cabinets. It is pertinent here built-in appliances and accessories to store small utensils.

Halogen lamps located above the kitchen cabinets, visually lift the ceiling. Due to the smart lighting, small-sized kitchen is a bit more spacious.

Very stylish and unusual interior of compact kitchen in a modern style. Monochrome and minimalism, concise, clean lines and impressive functionality. Where you can spy a couple of interesting ideas for a very small space. In the tiny kitchen managed to fit quite a small dining table-transformer.

Perfectly smooth strict facades, spectacular contrast of dark and light, beautiful accent wall complex and deep colors – not the most banal design for a small-sized kitchen. Countess interior looks very interesting and intriguing. Small paved apron monochromatic light mosaic. The design of this small-sized kitchen unlikely to fit many accessories. But at least parts it helps to visually enlarge the space.

This oak cabinets kitchen in high-tech style – a good example of the use of various design techniques for a small space. Please note on the kitchen table and chairs. Table small size and minimal style. Transparent chairs reflect light and visually expand the space.

Style high-tech, which made the design of this oak cabinets kitchen, eliminating the need for traditional curtains. They were replaced by blinds with aluminum slats. Therefore, the angular window looks more open and let in more natural light. If in doubt about whether to execute the window so we recommend a special post about the blinds in the kitchen. There are many good solutions.

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