5 Tips for using walnut kitchen cabinets and why?

The kitchen is not particularly stand out from the interior, more fit to go to spend on them as much as possible less space, energy and attention. And it seems that the owners of small-sized housing is already resigned to the fact that chimney meal thrown out of their lives as such.


Still want to see even a small piece of the area served by a truly “faithfully”, he justified the proud title of “kitchen” and feast for the eyes as possible.

Basic techniques in walnut kitchen cabinets to expand the kitchen space:

  • Basic light shades
  • The balance of natural and artificial lighting
  • Using no more than 2 colors
  • The absence of small furniture
  • Streamline
  • Clean empty tables

Features kitchen design

Our team once again had to establish the circumstances of the cramped space with a full kitchen work areas, sectors to store and combine it all with a dining area.

Sterile, clean minimalist apartments urgently needed something to dilute, and we decided to paint the kitchen in the form of a big bright spot. Monochrome – a harmful thing and, realizing this, the designers have tried to liven up the interior, without going to extremes.

The walls in the kitchen, we finished with a light dairy tiles with decorative borders to both designate the purpose of this corner of the apartment, and take care of the functionality. It is quite easy to clean material, so trouble in the home it will be a minimum. Gender is also a tiled, but marble.

Marbles, even the casting – sturdy, durable and presentable material, making the kitchen more stylish and somewhat luxurious. It is also important to understand the cardinal rule of good interior: on materials is not worth saving. The impression is made up of little things. And make sure to mention the attentive eye quality flooring.

In general, the main challenge of the project was precisely in simplicity. We did not invent the wheel, using the most simple materials and forms, so that there was a high risk to roll up cheap appearance. However, this did not happen due to the efforts of designers. Lamps Halogen we used, because they are economical, compact and have good color. In this case, it is necessary not to distort the palette.

Placement and selection of furniture

Solo part of the kitchen is a kitchen set carmine red. Due to the presence of the gray edging and silver chrome it fits well into the overall context of the interior. We specifically booked a matte finish of the facade, as it looks restrained and noble.

Glossy paint would look like in this kitchen is much worse. In addition to the headset other furniture directly in the working area we have. A kind of “bridge” between the living room (also, incidentally, the entrance) and the kitchen has become an impromptu dining. White and tightness forms allow it to almost dissolve into the surrounding space.

Appliances can also happen a model of ergonomics and restraint. Built-in electronic hob, which is located on a compact hood, oven and microwave. Even the refrigerator, we chose a small, actually “half measures”. But over desktops remained a lot of air and light. As you can see, all appliances have also been matched with a matte texture. So she continues the line of kitchen units and to the same – easy to use. The fact that our mothers and grandmothers liked to call the word “non-marking”.

All depends of your flat

The one-bedroom apartments, studios, and in many homes the old plan, the kitchen is small, if not tiny. Therefore, every square meter is literally priceless and vital. It is clear that accommodate and storage area, and seating areas and work on this area – an impossible task even for a wizard, but can be equipped with the most necessary.

Since our project was part of the whole area of the apartment, then, of course, the designers were given some freedom of action. Property owner wanted as many meters can be taken under the living space, while the kitchen was a tribute to the need.

Therefore, sneezy partition and scheduling the main zone, we decided to design a small kitchen on the free space on them. Moreover, in this part of the apartment was a large full-length window, near which it was difficult to put the furniture. But the role of natural light source and any interior decoration is performed by 100%.

And 4kv.m. Up another makeshift “house”. Mindful of the basic rules of repair of a small space, it was decided to stay at the Scandinavian style.

This cold, utilitarian style today is a huge success from the owners of small-sized housing. Straightforward lines, natural materials and pure color, which is dominated by white palette – all this makes it possible to assemble a spacious and stylish interior. The intricate style trends often supersaturated tiny space, thereby damaging the interior.

The walls and an array of furniture were made on canvas style walnut kitchen cabinets – white, with a minimum of hardware. No decorative moldings, no transitions. The ceiling was also painted in white to create the effect of height, open space. The same purpose is served and spotlights located throughout the kitchen area – by themselves they are not visible, but the light further increases the area. It deepens the kitchen and interior lighting of the upper hanging cabinets.

Placement and selection of furniture

For furniture we picked minimalist and constructivist copies. Facade kitchen units made in a glossy varnish perfectly reflect light and almost dissolved in the rest of the ensemble. Countertops in the kitchen are made of specially treated water-resistant impregnated wood.

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