5 ideas what you need to know about bamboo kitchen cabinets

The key word in a conversation about the proper use of storage space – easy access. The following are ways that will allow you to “squeeze” the maximum free space to store kitchen utensils in your bamboo kitchen cabinets:


  • Easy access and ergonomics are the main reasons for the transition to the drawers and non-drawers with doors. According to the expert, “the problem lies in the fact that by opening the door box, you see in front of the shelves, hammered different utensils, the first thing to take lightly, but the access to the already lying deep difficult. The transition from drawers with sliding doors to the drawers allows easier access to the entire contents of the box. “
  • Specialized products. Earlier, retractable drawers for spices and stylish boxes for dishes offered only manufacturers of custom-made furniture. Today it is no longer a problem, and offers such products most manufacturers.
  • Low headset. Today, designers are increasingly “change” headsets as a “wall”. Horizontal headset provides a huge field for experiments in the organization of space for storing utensils, pots, products, etc. Drawers provide access to all the necessary utensils, as you no longer have to get up on his toes, trying to reach the desired object.
  • Hanging shelves. Nice eye tearing open shelves of kitchen space organization patterns and serve as a place to store the beautiful vases, cookbooks and sweet jars.
  • Long wall headset. Increasingly, in order to increase the free space occurs waiver of the ceiling openings. Kitchen sets are increasingly reaching the ceiling and access to the top of the shelves is provided by doors, climbing up. Placing kitchen units all over the wall, from floor to ceiling, allows you to achieve amazing effects, emphasize different design solutions, such as the mosaic panels that protect the wall behind the sink, windows, and works of art or functional units.

Fully drawers. Located throughout the drawer guides allow the drawer to raise its entire length, rather than three-quarters, as with conventional drawers. Previously, such boxes were installed only on expensive sets, but today these solutions have become standard. Do not forget to check with the supplier or designer of the possibility of the use of such boxes.

When choosing cabinets for your kitchen or bathroom, pay special attention to accessories for doors. Doors – the most visible part of the entire cabinet and a key element of its external appearance.

There are 4 basic types of bamboo kitchen cabinets:

  • Flat door. These doors are made of flat cloths plywood or MDF with veneer.
  • Doors from the array. Doors of this type are made of solid wood, and their facade can be decorated with various patterns.
  • Doors with frames and panels. In the central panel of the door is flanked by strip, forming a rectangle, or circle arch. The central panel may be recessed (recessed) or protruding (outstanding).
  • Framework of the door. Frames are equipped with a recess into which is inserted glass panel. This panel may be continuous or divided into parts wooden binding – the result is a number of glass panels.

Basically, there are sliding doors or swing / hinged. Sliding doors give access to only part of the cabinet, while opening doors provide full access. Door hinges maintain door and allow them to be opened, while the latches and locking devices provide their closure. Locking devices are inside the cabinets and work by magnetic mechanisms. Latch – a variation of the locking device. Latches can be magnetic or impulsive, and they are attached to the inner side surfaces.

Body type (frame or frameless) and style doors define the required type of bamboo kitchen cabinets. The hinges should match the type of doors (outside and within the package). The outer door using (overlap) need invoices, double-leaf hinged end or loop. Decking doors require special curved or semi mortise hinges. Inside the hull doors are mounted using concealed hinges.

The hinges are located on the mind should be in harmony with the style of door handles. The number of loops is determined by the weight of the selected door. In most cases, the standard two door suspended on hinges. The cost of the proper type of loop is included in the price of selling the finished furniture.

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