5 Ideas for shaker kitchen cabinets

The main rule for the interior work areas – the ability to maximize light. Efficient lighting kitchen work area to avoid all flat and lean, highlight color, texture and shape. Small kitchen looks more attractive and more with the right lighting. Light easy to separate a number of different areas in a large dining room, separate kitchen areas merge.


Ideal source of local illumination are adjustable fixtures for the kitchen. They can be fastened to the shelves, the walls, the ceiling. They look great in the kitchen and help any job ceiling lights. They are mounted in groups of areas, at least – on the perimeter. Recessed models can be installed in walls, on the plinth, in the floor. Light boxes are very effective. When mounting in plasterboard box space is illuminated by reflected light, which is always more comfortable to the eye.

Lighting countertops.

Mounted above the table lamps help show open and to outline that whatsoever. This is place long fluorescent lamps, the ceiling reinforced. Glossy, smooth and bright surface countertops contribute to the successful lighting.

Constructions ceiling does not take up space shaker style kitchen cabinets and lamps themselves can build deeper, to prevent blindness. The main rule of a small kitchen – unobtrusive lighting with a feeling of extra space.

Lamps on the kitchen worktop can take the form of long and narrow tube. The illuminating countertop light bulbs are easy to install under the hinged cabinet bottom.

Lighting the hob.

If you are using one central lamp stove and sink are likely to be in the shadow of someone standing nearby. Therefore, across the bottom hanging cabinets can be arranged illumination from tungsten or fluorescent tubes. Justify yourself bright and economical LED light bulb. Excellent look rows of small lights or LED strips, covered with decorative panels. In this case, the lights may be mounted in the bottom cabinets; it will see the light, but not the source. Local light is created by lampshades and wall systems that are mounted on the conductive rails.

Lighting bar.

The organization of the bar, you can experiment with halogen white bulbs, fluorescent tubes of different colors and shapes, directional beams of halogen ceiling spotlights, LED lights, accent light projectors. For good bar shelves and display cases with lighting, decorative lights in the form of candles. It is appropriate desk lamp, but not with a large bright lamp or shade, but, for example, an acrylic cube or sphere. Having strengthened the mirror so that the angle of lit bar was visible in it or by placing a reflective surface near the lamp, increase the size of the illuminated white shaker kitchen cabinets. In contrast, as good barriers for the beams of colored glass.

When the meal is used for kitchen corner, it must be as comfortable in the evenings and fresh in the morning. If the central light does not “get” that need further wall lights.

For a table in the corner is perfect adjustable design on the wall in the form of stretchers brackets with multiple lamps. Excellent solution – built-in ceiling LED or halogen spotlights plus flat number hanging over the table lamps.

TIP! Take a picture in the photo lamps and furniture. It’s easier to choose the same type of materials, and provide a visual unity.

Appetite and mood light.

It is intangible, but the light is among the important factors that forms the emotional impact on every inhabitant of the house. It controls mood and appetite. Along with comfort, charm, taste with light easy to create an atmosphere of well-being, to issue the kitchen, where it is easy to relax in the beer garden or enjoy the solitude of a cup of coffee.

Artificial shaker kitchen cabinet doors lighting is able to give warmth and comfort. Through fixtures in the kitchen, showing ingenuity, you cannot increase the cost of global space for dining. It is only important to know how to combine lights visually and functionally. To raise the ceiling lamp on the walls directed upward. To reduce the visual height, the light should fall on the wall at the level of human growth. Rectangular kitchen turns into a brightly lit square at the 1st of the 3 walls. The collection of lamps offers the chance to take advantage of affordable, easy to implement ingenious solutions that do not require large financial investments. If you place a mirror opposite the window, it will pour into the room a maximum of solar rays. The white walls, floor, ceiling and white cupboards create a sense of abundance of air. Fill the rays of his house. However, he will not only be brighter and more harmonious and beautiful.

There are several types of food and are each characterized by its own characteristics. In order to understand what type is suitable for your room, you should carefully examine them. So, the first type – linear and it is the most popular. Its main advantage is the functional and practical furniture arrangement. In this room, cabinets, countertops, sink, refrigerator, stove placed in one line. The second half of the room can be used as a dining room.

Tip! It is not necessary to stare at this type of plan as a kitchen island for owners of small kitchens. With this decision you reach a balance, and the room is just uncomfortable.

The above listed types are ideal for the room, which has 12 square meters of total area. However, it should take into account the shape of the room – square or rectangular, and where there is a window, whether there is a balcony, and many other nuances.

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