10 tips for repairing with kitchen cabinet organizers

Kitchen Renovation with kitchen cabinet organizers – it is very troublesome and costly. However, it is possible to find a lot of scope for savings. These tips will help you repair the kitchen to save a decent amount, without prejudice to the quality of repair and thus to realize in the interior of the kitchen all my ideas.


Choosing the right time to repair the kitchen

It is no secret that the cost of repairs varies throughout the year. Highest prices for their services masters traditionally set in August and September. Lowest prices for kitchen renovation – in the winter. By the way, the same relationship is traced and on finishing materials prices. So if your intention is to scale kitchen renovation and intend to save, the most reasonable is to do it in the autumn-winter period. In addition, at this time there are a lot of chances to take advantage of holiday discounts and deals, which many companies make for the New Year and 8 March.

Starting a kitchen renovation, clearly prioritize

What obvious flaws have your kitchen? What do you want to remove in the first place? What kind of repair work in the kitchen is essential and which ones can wait for later – in case you remain free money? What types of work are definitely “in conjunction”, and which can be stretched in time to finish them later? Based on these considerations, will be phased renovation plan kitchen.

Professionals are advised to make two versions of the kitchen renovation budget – economical (in case you have to limit yourself to much money and buy kitchen cabinet organizers) and optimistic (if you are able to allocate additional funds for the renovation of the kitchen). Experience shows that the true cost of your repair will be somewhere in between. It is important to provide a backup in the amount of incidental expenses. They are bound to be.

Detailed repair plan kitchen

When planning a kitchen renovation, “think” better on paper. It is important to write down everything, even the most obvious and small jobs. In this case, you not only do not forget anything, but the stress of the repair will be much less.


Very carefully think over the sequence of repair work in the kitchen that can be combined and run in parallel to maximize save money and time? What can you do yourself, and what in any case it is necessary to invite the master? A good option – to perform on their own all the demolition work: to remove old wallpaper in the kitchen, bring down the wall and floor tiles, remove the baseboards, use kitchen cabinet organizer and clean the windows and doors of the paint. Even this will provide you with a decent economy.

However, professionals are unanimous: there are things that the savings which may result in more costly. First of all, it’s utilities – electrical wiring and sockets, pipes and plumbing, as well as the laying of flooring for the kitchen. They can be entrusted only to competent professionals with a license and warranty, and not the workers who “take a cheap”.

Do not skimp on the basic roughing work to repair the kitchen, for example, leveling walls and floors. It is better to buy cheap wallpaper and linoleum for the kitchen, but then you can easily replace their more expensive counterparts.

We are looking for hidden reserves for kitchen cabinets organizers

When planning a kitchen renovation, organize brainstorming – invite friends and relatives, and with them think for that you need to make in your kitchen. Perhaps one of them will be able to help you do some of the work on the renovation of the kitchen. Someone will be familiar to hardware store that can make you a decent discount. And someone will be able to recommend an excellent tiler.

We keep records on the kitchen remodeling costs

Calculate the approximate number of required finishing materials for the repair of the kitchen, get a separate notebook. With him you will go on building shops and markets, and surf the internet repair shops on the web. Write down how much each store is the dates of your materials, and what are the alternatives. Perhaps, after consulting with sellers and online consultants, you will choose a better option than the one originally planned. The main thing – do not hesitate to ask a lot of questions. Such perseverance will always pay off.

We think about kitchen cabinet organizer ideas

When choosing materials for the renovation of the kitchen, it is worth considering that would be more beneficial in the long run. It is better to overpay now betting on the quality of finishing materials and new fuel-efficient technologies, but they will serve long.


For example, energy-saving light bulbs last longer and allow you to save energy, but are significantly more expensive than conventional incandescent bulbs. Sometimes the use of higher-quality finishing materials, achieves a great effect with less effort. You can save on the lining of the walls, if the paste over their textured wallpaper. They are great visually hide minor irregularities.

Reduces the cost of kitchen renovations

Materials for the repair are better to buy in one store. In this case, you can quite rightly claim to be a discount. By the way, if repair and furnish the kitchen for you will make a serious company, they can offer you a discount program for the purchase of finishing materials. Often these companies negotiate with major suppliers of a variety of goods for repair, which provide their customers with discounts.

Expenditure on kitchen renovations – rechecking the numbers

If the amount of the estimate prepared by the craftsmen to repair your kitchen cause you serious doubts and seems unreasonably high, you may want to double-check it with the help of professionals. If you do not know a builder, repair documentation audits may take place in an organization dedicated to checking the estimates. These services now have a specialized company, and some construction firms.

new kitchen in a modern home
new kitchen in a modern home

These additional costs it is advisable if you plan is very ambitious, major kitchen renovation, which will cost a significant amount. As they say, the nerves more. All materials for repair kitchen cabinet pull out organizers, try to buy their own. If you entrust this work, monitor the actual spending will be very difficult.

Reduce the risks reconstruction kitchen cabinet door organizers

Poorly executed renovation of the kitchen you can create a lot of problems and lead to unnecessary costs and time, and money. Therefore, experts strongly recommend that, starting large-scale repair work be sure to enter into agreement with the workers – both with the company and with private traders.

It spells out all kinds of work, milestones, the timing of their implementation and sanctions in case of breach of obligations. This is perhaps the most reliable insurance against unscrupulous workers and the real way to save nerves and money.

Limiting terms cuisine repair

Hard deadlines to make pull out kitchen cabinet organizers also help achieve financial savings. Often during the long repairs there are all new and new ideas, and is very easy to break out of budgeting. To deal with this is only one way: for each phase of the work to establish the most extreme end of its term and strictly adhere to it.

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