10 ideas for the kitchen wall décor

The kitchen wall décor is something that makes your kitchen lovely and cozy. Here are the top 10 ideas for the kitchen wall decor – from easy and inexpensive to the major mini-remodeling ways.

  1. Mirror and mirrored finish decoration is probably the most unique way to dress the walls. It can visually expand the space and add light and beauty – especially a mirror over the wall in a small kitchen. Usually a mirror fashions just some part of the wall, for example, over dining or working zone alternatively. Walls can be decorated with beautiful mirror pictures.
  2. Wallpaper decoration including chalky and photo wallpaper. Wallpaper decoration is rather expensive and takes some time but in fact, it’s an easy and effective way to redecorate a room with your own hands. Besides, it helps to visually zone the area and differ the wall over the dining zone from the other walls in the room. The accent wall is designed either darker or lighter than the rest of the finish cover. Very often, the dining set is bright colored while the rest of the walls are neutral-tinted.

Panoramic view 3D wallpaper visually expands the area. It can be a picture of a street block, a seashore, a path through the woods, or some other nature landscape.

Finally, the third modern way is chalky wallpaper. Those are easy to hang, unstick and wash! They look both glamorous and sharp. Special lettering is used to note something, or write down the receipts. You can also let your children to express their creativity over it.

  1. Wooden peels for a cozy kitchen. In fact, your kitchen can be decorated with the most ordinary items. For example, old wooden peels can be hanged over the walls. The metal trails and the vintage platters can accompany them.
  2. Plates and trails over the walls. If your kitchen is country- or classic-styled, you can use plates to decorate its walls. There is no need to buy some decorative plates, as you can use the ordinary porcelain ware or ovenware. The most suitable are bright flower- or Gzel-printed saucers. It doesn’t matter what kind of dishes you use for the wall collection, whether it composes old plates and dishes sets, or some expensive modern homeware. The most important is to match one another by the color and the style.The good-looking old-fashioned trails can be used instead of plates.
  3. Kitchen exposition composed of pictures, posters, or photos is the most traditional kitchen wall decor. If the kitchen is small, it is a bad way to create an art gallery over its walls. Better, just use 1-3 valuable pictures according to the style and the color of the kitchen. For example, portraits, landscape pictures, or herbariums are the best to decorate classical-style kitchen. The black and white photographs match neoclassic-style interior. The posters, concept pictures, banners, street signs and plates are perfect for the modern-style kitchens.
  4. Fast and easy way is the vinyl stickers. There can be found a great variety of wall stickers; the most popular are the vignettes, different notes, and well-known outlines. They are endurable, inexpensive, and easy to stick over and off any surface. There can be used mat or bright mirror vinyl stickers to make your kitchen shine and entertain. A kitchen wall decor can be a handmade picture. There are special stencil-plates if you are not arty-crafty. They help to create great pictures, so even children can be involved.
  5. Another idea is the spray-colored polystyrene ceiling roses of a different size and design pasted to the walls.
  6. The easy way to decorate the kitchen is metal, glass, and wooden shelves. Collages, masks, China collections, and many other things you don’t want to nail down the wall can be placed at the shelves.
  7. Wall clock is the timeless modern décor. Good-looking wall clock makes the kitchen comfortable. It matches classical- or country-style kitchens the best.
  8. Other decor-trends. Deer heads and decor letters are getting more popular lately. You can order those via Internet or make with your own hands.

Kitchen wall decorating is an interesting and creative process to add more life, colors, and personality to your kitchen. Moreover, don’t be afraid of challenging experiments and changes.

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